Cameron’s 4 Wishes – The Renegotiation Genie is OUT of the Bottle

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Conservative blogger Robert Barnes contributes another article for Get Britain Out: 


After months of waiting, we have finally found out what the Prime Minister is going to ask for as part of his ‘so-called renegotiation’ of our membership of the EU.

Cameron might as well have said, “I will campaign to Remain in the EU after all”.

He has rubbed the EU lamp and let the Renegotiation Genie out of the bottle. In reality, he has come back with very little.

As the Conservative MP Jacob Rees-Mogg said, what the Prime Minister is offering is “thin gruel”. Another Conservative MP, Bernard Jenkin asked, “Is that it?”

The Prime Minister and Donald Tusk would have known in advance what each side was going to offer. Cameron’s letter was nothing more than an exercise in PR.

What is happening is nothing short of expectation management.

No-one will now seriously believe he will campaign to Leave. He had a big hand to play and he fluffed it.

There was nothing on ‘freedom of movement’, and Brussels will fight stopping migrants from claiming benefits for 4 years because the European Council sees it as “highly problematic” and discriminatory.

Neither was there anything about a requirement that EU migrants must secure a job before they arrive in the country.

Where was the insistence that the jobless migrants would be sent home after 6 months?

Cameron could have asked for an “emergency brake” on the freedom of movement of EU workers to try and curb the very real problem of mass immigration from Europe.

He could also have demanded that the European Court’s jurisdiction over criminal law be scrapped.

And what about reform of the Common Agricultural Policy which eats up 40% of the EU Budget?


Nor was there anything about taking back control of our fishing grounds.

What about scrapping the open borders Schengen Agreement?


Proper reform is meaningless without formal EU treaty changes. Even, if treaty changes were agreed to, they would take far longer than the Referendum straitjacket of 2017 which Cameron has tied himself into.

The suggestions he does make are vague and are, in effect, meaningless.

He wants to set a target to cut the total burden on business. Yet, EU red tape costs British business £120 billion per year.

A target is completely pointless and could easily be moved or manipulated.

And on the issue of sovereignty. He has only asked for an exemption from the drive towards “ever closer union”.

He should have been insisting on a rolling back of the powers which Brussels currently enjoys.

It should be our own Parliament’s right to reject edicts which damage our national interest. Our MPs should have the power of veto over EU laws – NOT groups of national parliaments.

Cameron is a Europhile Emperor posing in a Eurosceptic’s clothes.

He has shown off his new clothes and has been found to be politically naked.

He is the political equivalent of Oliver Twist walking up to Beadle Tusk and asking, “Please sir, may I have some more?”

There is now only one way to Get Britain Out.

It is to ignore the propaganda of the EU fanatics BSE, CBI and Europhile politicians.

We must go out and take our message to the people that that there is a better future outside the oppressive EU regime.

It is a fight we have to win.

There will not be a second referendum.

Cameron has said as much.

The British people must defy the Establishment and vote to Get Britain Out.


Robert Barnes is a 50 year old Conservative Eurosceptic.

Robert has been active in politics for many years. He joined the Young Conservatives in 1982 in his home city of Leeds and has campaigning experience in both local, General and European Elections.

In 1992 and 1997, Robert worked closely on Timothy Kirkhope’s General Election campaigns in North East Leeds.

Since moving to Oldham in 2005, Robert has stood as a Conservative Candidate in Local Elections in Oldham campaigning on a platform of leaving the EU.

Robert believes that it is time for a new generation to have their say on our future membership of the EU.

Robert feels that Britain’s future is global and is better placed if we #GetBritainOut.

You can follow Robert on Twitter @Toryeurosceptic.


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