Cameron’s odd logic on EU Budget

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Even before he got his feet under the negotiating table, David Cameron has conceded to EU demands for a higher British contribution to the EU budget, as reported in the Guardian this morning.

His reasoning, however, defies logic. He says Britain must pay more because the EU has expanded to the East.

Memo to DC – you’re the PM of the United Kingdom, not Poland. Your interest is to better the lives of the Great British Public, not to send more of our money abroad while you’re cutting our services.

If the Guardian report is true and Cameron rolls over, we have the constitutional crisis we foresaw when parliament backed a cut in the budget.

Cameron will need another vote in parliament to pass a budget increase. So, the question is – who blinks first? The majority of MPs who backed a cut in the EU budget? Or David Cameron who, if he agrees an increase, will have ignored the will of parliament?

Clearly whoever balks first, loses big. Let’s just hope at the end of this spat we’re closer to the EU exit door.

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