Cameron – referendum now or get out of No.10

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Yesterday the head of the British Chambers of Commerce called on David Cameron to bring forward the promised EU referendum. We are quoted in the Daily Express this morning agreeing. Cameron needs to “man up” and call a referendum.

But he won’t.

He sent William Hague out to repudiate the call. It’s funny how the arguments have changed from “we must renegotiate first” to “we don’t have a majority”. Neither excuse washes with us. If the Tory leadership was genuine on the EU, they would whip a vote and, with Labour eurosceptics and the Democratic Unionist Party, a referendum vote could pass. Only just, but it could pass.

It is worth trying. Next year EU law opens up our borders even further. Things in the EU will get worse as they cling to the Euro. The longer we are tied to this bloc, the more damage our economy will take.

Our message to Cameron is simple. Man up, face this issue and deal with it this parliament or get out of Number 10.

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