Bulgaria to Britain on dodgy EU passports

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Just when we thought that the immigration scandal couldn’t get any worse, The Daily Telegraph revealed a particularly shocking fact to the Great British Public. We discovered earlier this week that non-European immigrants are buying EU passports in Bulgaria and other Eastern European countries so they can exploit the welfare system in Europe. In addition, rogue agencies are setting up shop in Sofia (the capital of Bulgaria) and selling European passports to the highest non-European bidder. This illegal trade is happening in other EU countries as well. Malta, which has always been a destination for migrants from North Africa, is doing a similar thing, selling EU passports for €650,000.

We hope you will agree that this is utterly outrageous. It means non-EU nationals from anywhere in the world – including terrorist havens in the Middle East and Africa – can make a life for themselves in Britain and other EU nations simply by buying an EU document from a dodgy company in downtown Sofia and elsewhere. The EU’s ridiculous passport system must share a large portion of the blame for this dangerous mess.

When the work restrictions on Bulgarian migrants were lifted on 1st January this year, the British public were repeatedly assured by British politicians and the pro-EU press that a huge influx of Bulgarian immigrants would not come to Britain. But nobody realised that once Bulgaria was granted this freedom they would then abuse their privileged position to sell EU documents to any Tom, Dick and Harry.

This mess would never had happened if we had kept our old British passports, rather than being forced to swap them for a worthless EU passport. Then we’d be able to control our borders and stop the flood of immigrants once and for all.

Dominic Kirby, Research Executive

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