Brussels losing grip.

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Today the EU is facing multiple challenges: flatlining economies, severe youth unemployment, low growth and lack of competitiveness. One would assume the bloated bureaucracy of Brussels is occupied with combating this alarming state of affairs. In fact, a crusade against the appeal of tobacco appears to be a more pressing concern, as they revealed plans to ban menthol cigarettes. Apparently, flavoured cigarettes are a danger because they encourage smoking by disguising the taste of tobacco.

As if they haven’t usurped enough powers from national legislatures, this interference in public health policy comes as a surprise. The intention behind it is evidently to tackle the dangers of smoking, yet strangely they cannot summon the same zeal to do something about the horrifying reality that middle-class Greek parents face: having to resort to dumping their children in orphanages because they can’t afford to feed their offspring. While this is likely to scar an entire generation of Greeks, it is apparent that it is of trifling concern in comparison to adults who consent to damage their bodies with menthol cigarettes.

Paul Nuttall MEP said this:

“This legislation shows just how far the EU is prepared to go to control how we live and what we do. If people want to smoke menthol cigarettes, let them. What will the EU do next? Regulate what time we go to bed? Ban putting sugar in tea? Ban Buck’s Fizz because the orange juice disguises the alcohol? It’s utterly ridiculous.”

The only explanation for this farce is that they want to distract themselves from their impotence. The European project is a failure and the crises outlined its limits. The bureaucrats would bury their heads in the sand rather than come to terms with the catastrophic mistake they inflicted on Europe.

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