British influence outside the EU

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As the dust settles on David Cameron’s speech, the real battle gets under way. It gives us the opportunity to expose and counter the pro-EU myths. One must-read article from Christopher Booker dispels the myth that Norway is governed by ‘fax’ from the EU.

EU Referendum follows up by showing exactly where Norway has ignored EU Directives. For instance, it ignored the Brussels Directive on postal services, a law that has crippled our own post office.

The point is the Norway is not governed by fax. The rules it does abide by have been set at a higher level than the EU.

Therefore when the pro-EU camp talk about ‘influence’, they are right – but wrong to say we can be influential inside the EU. We need influence at these higher bodies, such as the World Trade Organisation. When we are outside the EU, we will reclaim our WTO seat the EU takes from us. That will add to our impressive portfolio of power than include our NATO membership and our permanent UN Security Council seat.

An influential Britain belongs outside the EU.

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