Is a British Exit Imminent?

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After David Cameron’s humiliating defeat on Friday, we now know the identity of the man who will earn over €300,000 a year to undermine the democratic rights of the nations of Europe. Jean-Claude Juncker, a man no British citizen voted for and no European leader wanted, is to be President of the European Commission. This is what EU ‘democracy’ is all about – a President whose name never appeared on a single ballot paper – is to be granted a salary bigger than President Obama’s.

Much has already been said about his drinking habits and his smoking, yet what ‘Drunker’ does in his private time is surely nobody’s business. In contrast what he will do in public office when he sets the agenda and policies for the EU is everyone’s concern. He is a federalist to the core and the former Prime Minister of the tiny country of Luxembourg, who should have been put out to pasture long ago. As he is inevitably going to deepen the political union and interfere with national interests, we should be free to scrutinise Juncker, despite his protests. He never wanted to be President of the Commission, as he is a quiet bookish-type who would prefer a bureaucratic role like President of the European Parliament. Instead the centre-right European People Party, the largest faction in the European Parliament to which he belongs, who nominated him as their candidate and thrust him into the limelight.

Throughout Cameron’s futile attempts to quash this man, Juncker was often seen smiling (and drinking) with confidence, certain the national leaders in Europe would hand him the crown on a platter. Yet this might prove to be a Pyrrhic victory, should his appointment push Britain to the brink of an EU exit. If Juncker succeeds in alienating the Great British Public, Eurosceptics will have much to thank him for.

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