British Business does not need the EU

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You can only judge a horse by its form. So it comes as no surprise that John Cridland, head of the Confederation of British Industry, called for Britain to stay in the EU. This is the same CBI that said Britain should join the Euro.

It is nothing new to see big business takes this view. The recent flurry of EU Directives on biocides, health and food supplements and the REACH Regulation have favoured the organisations big and powerful enough to pay for EU certification, often in offices in different EU states.

The smaller businesses, those represented by the Institute of Directors and the Federation of Small Businesses, that make up the majority of British employment have been more critical of the EU and have plenty of reason to be.

They can ill afford the EU’s rules and regulations. With 80% of UK GDP created through internal trade, many of these businesses have nothing to do with the EU and yet there is no alternative but to abide by its rules and regulations.

The status quo harms small businesses and shuts out competition from the market place. Rather than stay in the EU, the CBI and all business organisations should call for our exit, so we can take a seat at the World Trade Organisation and have a say on global standards of trade.

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