Britain to take more jobless from EU

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We have long warned in the campaign that the EU was planning to ship out its unemployed to the UK. First we found the EURES programme whereby unemployed EU workers receive money to get interviews and, if successful, settle in another member state.

Then we found the government was actively advertising British jobs to unemployed EU workers through the EURES job mobility portal. Whereas some countries were advertising a small amount, France for instance advertised 14,000 jobs, the UK was advertising 250,000! This is when we have one million young unemployed in this country!

Today the Sun reveals the EU Commission is dead serious about this, with the Commissioner responsible saying:

“With much higher levels of unemployment in some member states than others, it is all the more important to make it easier for those who want to work in another EU country to be able to do so.”

So you can disregard all the bluster that immigration is going to be controlled – the EU Commission has finally spoken.

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