Britain must stand firm on Brexit and cut immigration

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Conservative blogger Robert Barnes writes an exclusive article for Get Britain Out:

Last year’s EU Referendum result was quite clear: the country voted to Leave the EU.

This meant we voted to leave the Single Market, Customs Union and the jurisdiction of the ECJ.

We voted to take back control of our borders, trade and laws. We voted to cut immigration.

Unless we cut all ties with the EU, we could still remain subject to the EU’s freedom of movement rules. This could mean net migration from the EU continuing at around 125,000 for the next 10 years. The pursuit of a so called “soft” Brexit leaves the door open to a further 1.25m EU migrants over this period.

This deeply disturbing scenario is set against the background of the first full week of Brexit negotiations. It makes it even more important to make controlling migration a top priority.

Highly respected pressure group Migration Watch UK has said that if non-EU migrants are taken into consideration, failure to control EU movement will result in our population increasing by about 500,000 a year! According to the Office for National Statistics, a high migration scenario sees our country’s population climbing by 6 million by 2027 and by more than 10 million over the next 20 years.

This is unsustainable and unacceptable. The population of a city the size of Leeds is expected to rise from 781,000 today to around 1million by 2033.

This will also heap further pressure on to our NHS, housing, schools and benefits system.

The British people did not vote for this. They voted for our country to take back control of freedom of movement – which is incompatible with what the EU stands for.

Set against this background is news of a group of hard-line pro-EU MPs plotting together to keep Britain in the Single Market and under the thumb of Brussels. What part of Democracy do these MPs fail to grasp?

Staying in the Single Market to “prioritise jobs” would require the acceptance of freedom of movement. This would be nothing short of disastrous. It would be a halfway house, with Britain having to accept freedom of movement, but with no power to influence anything at all.

We could choose to leave the Single Market, but opt to stay in the Customs Union. We could then control immigration, but we would not be able to negotiate free trade agreements with other countries – so we would still be under Brussels’ thumb!

The Government must stand firm and deliver a comprehensive free trade agreement, but without Single Market or Customs Union membership.

Only by doing this can we repatriate border controls and negotiate a future trading deal with the EU. Anything other than this is staying in the EU by the back door.

The biggest single reason people voted to Leave the EU was to seize back control of migration.

We knew what we were voting for.

We will not be taken for fools by Brussels – or our politicians.

It is incumbent on all elected politicians to deliver the will of the people.

The people voted for one thing – Brexit.

Not Hard, Soft, Open or Clean.


It is time the Government acted to make sure we Get Britain Out of the EU, and as soon as possible.

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