Britain Must Break Free to Benefit from Brexit

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Conservative blogger Robert Barnes writes an exclusive article for Get Britain Out:

When we voted to Leave the EU on June 23rd 2016 – over 19 months ago – we voted for independence from Brussels’ rule.
There were two choices on the ballot paper – Remain or Leave.

What the British people did not vote for was a Transition Period after Brexit, whereby we still had to accept ‘Freedom of Movement’, or to stay in the Customs Union or Single Market.

The proposed Transition Period ties us to the EU for a further 2 years.

As Conservative backbencher, Jacob Rees-Mogg MP said last week, we would be a “vassal state”.
The Government appears to be backsliding on Brexit.
If it does, then millions of people will rightly feel betrayed.

The Government is drifting on Brexit. It could be argued it has no idea about what it wants to achieve.

The Remoaner Chancellor, Phillip Hammond’s comments in Davos last week were most unhelpful.
Hammond said, on the issue of Free Movement: “We want to maintain the closest possible relationship in people to people exchanges”.
Hammond does not want to see any real change in our relationship with the EU.
He clearly stated he only wants “very modest” changes.

This obviously amounts to a “Soft Brexit” – something which was not on the EU Referendum ballot paper – and this is not what we voted for.
Brexit was meant to give us – the United Kingdom – our independence and our sovereignty back.

There is a real risk this will not be achieved.

One of the biggest reasons people voted to Leave was immigration, yet the Government seems oblivious to their concerns.

In order to achieve what we voted for, the Government must abandon the idea of a ‘Transition Period’.
Freedom of movement must end when we leave the EU on March 29 2019.
Likewise, we must leave the Single Market, Customs Union and the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice.

Brexit is a golden opportunity to forge new trade deals with the rest of the world, take back control of our laws and have full control over Freedom of Movement.

It is not too late for the Government to achieve what we voted for.

Later this year, the Government enters the crucial second stage of the Brexit negotiations.
It must change tack from the timid approach it has so far taken and be far more robust in its negotiations with the EU.

Chief EU Brexit Negotiator, Monsieur Barnier, represents the EU 27.
There is no chance of him giving us anything like what we want unless the Government stands up for Britain and is quite clear in its objectives.

Anything less than a reasonable deal must mean we walk away without one.
As the saying goes: “No deal is better than a bad deal”.

The clock is ticking.
The people want the Brexit they voted for.
They will never forgive a Government that falls short in these negotiations.

There must be no ‘Transition deal’.
The Government must ensure that after March 29th 2019, we are fully out of the EU.

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