Britain is heading ‘Out’

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The excellent Trevor Kavanagh in today’s Sun newspaper says what we’ve always known since the Euro crisis engulfed the EU – Britain is on its way out.

Millions of Brits will read this morning how we will be better off out, how the EU is headed one way and we will go in another direction.

The gulf is too big to bridge. In the EU it’s alright to call for domestic austerity – look at Greece – but then demand a massive hike in budget contributions from member states. The Great British Public simply won’t have it.

We want a relationship with the EU based on recognition and not harmonisation. This means we have to leave political union but that we recognise EU standards if and when trading with the EU. It brings us that ‘Common Market’ we thought we had signed up to in the first place.

Britain will be in a position to strip away all EU laws that are not solely concerned with recognition of standards. So that means no more barmy EU energy laws. No more EU welfare rules. No more working time laws. That is the relationship we can look forward to. Trade – not politics.

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