Britain is Being Betrayed. Remoaner May is Selling Us Out

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This article is written by Conservative blogger and Get Britain Out contributor, Robert Barnes.

Over the past few months, the Great British Public has watched as the Brexit negotiations have dragged on and on. What has become abundantly clear is the Prime Minister has no intention of taking us out of the European Union in any real sense of why we voted Leave. After all, Theresa May has never truly believed in Brexit.

May’s Chequers proposal is a gross betrayal of the biggest democratic vote in our history. It ties us into the Customs Union and the Single Market. We risk being in the Customs Union indefinitely.

The PM has not only lost the confidence of the country, she is also losing support in her own Conservative Party. From grassroots members to some present and former Cabinet Ministers, it has become apparent May is a dead woman walking.

The EU has taken her for a fool. And now she is taking her country for fools.

It should have come as no surprise she failed to mention the word “Chequers” once in her recent Conservative Party conference speech. Yet she still tried to sell her deal using illusory words. She is a “sleight of hand” Prime Minister. However, today in Prime Minister’s Questions in Parliament in answer to a question, she had to admit Chequers is still very much alive! No surprises there then!

Then there is her so-called ‘Brexit War Cabinet’. If these senior politicians tie us in to what amounts to a half-baked Brexit, the DUP will almost certainly pull the plug on their confidence-and-supply agreement (signed on 26th June 2017) which is currently propping up May’s Government.

Northern Ireland remains a thorny issue, but Remoaner May and her Government are, it seems, prepared to play a game of political chicken with the DUP. Arlene Foster, has stated her “blood red lines” cannot be crossed. And why should anyone in the United Kingdom, including Northern Ireland, end up being a rule-taker? This is what would happen under Theresa May’s current proposals.

Our country is at a critical juncture regarding Brexit. We should be able to have faith in our Government to deliver what we voted for.

We voted to Get Britain Out of the EU on 23rd June 2016. What we now have is a self-serving, duplicitous administration which would make even a Snake Oils Salesman look credible.

If our Government fails to deliver Brexit in full, there really will be a Peoples Rebellion.

It is now time for the “men in grey suits” to go to Mrs May and advise her that she has lost the confidence of her Party – and her country.

In addition, anyone with a Conservative MP representing them should write to them urging them to submit a letter of No Confidence in the Prime Minister.

The Conservative Party at all levels must now act to remove May. We need a Prime Minister who believes in Brexit.

The alternative would be a General Election and the nightmare possibility of a ‘hard Left’ Corbyn Labour government.

May must go now! Either she goes of her own accord or her Party removes her.


The future of Brexit depends on it.

Robert Barnes


About the Author

Robert Barnes is a Conservative Eurosceptic.

Robert has been active in politics for many years. He joined the Young Conservatives in 1982 in his home city of Leeds and has campaigning experience in both local, General and European Elections.

In 1992 and 1997, Robert worked closely on Timothy Kirkhope’s General Election campaigns in North East Leeds.

Since moving to Oldham in 2005, Robert has stood as a Conservative Candidate in Local Elections in Oldham campaigning on a platform of leaving the EU.

Robert believes that it is time for a new generation to have their say on our future membership of the EU.

Though his views do not necesarily entirely reflect those of Get Britain Out, Robert nonetheless feels that Britain’s future is global and is better placed if we #GetBritainOut.

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