Britain Does Not Need the EU

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Conservative blogger Robert Barnes writes an exclusive article for Get Britain Out: 

This year marks 40 years since we voted to join the Common Market. No-one under the age of 58 would have been old enough to vote on this particular issue in 1975.

When the #EUreferendum is held, it will be an opportunity for a new generation of “first time voters” to have their say on the most important issue facing Britain for many years.

Should we vote to stay in the EU or should we vote to leave?

The Prime Minister is currently undertaking his much vaunted renegotiation which he will eventually present to the British people as a reason to vote to stay in.

The reality is it is highly unlikely he will achieve anywhere need a good enough deal to convince those of us who believe it is time to #GetBritainOut.

The renegotiation, it could be argued, is nothing more than an illusion.

In 1975, we voted to join a Common Market. In the intervening 40 years, the reality has turned into something completely different. The public were conned by leading figures of the day about the benefits of what ultimately became a behemoth of waste and extravagance.

The driving force of the EU is for further political and economic integration.

This is not something Britain needs or wants. If we are to regain our National Sovereignty, we need to #GetBritainOut. 75% of the laws affecting Britain are currently determined by the EU and we have been unable to prevent a single one being passed.

Less than 44% of our trade is with the EU. There is a wider world out there for us to trade with if we vote to free ourselves from the EU’s shackles.

Furthermore, are the Pro-Europeans really arguing that our European neighbours would not continue to trade with us if we left?

The future lies in trade deals with countries such as China. By leaving the stifling bureaucracy of the EU, we would also be free to pursue lucrative trade deals with other Commonwealth countries. The EU costs British business an estimated £120 billion in red tape per year.

There is also the issue of immigration. So long as we remain a part of the EU, it will be impossible to control our borders. We need to leave the EU to regain control of them. The pressure on schools, hospitals, housing and our benefits system is already at breaking point. The British people are tolerant, but it is time to say enough is enough.

Recently the German Interior Minister, Thomas de Maizière insisted we take more migrants. We are not part of Schengen and are under no obligation to do so.

To echo the late Baroness Thatcher, we should continue to say, “No! No! No!”

The reality is – the EU needs Britain. Britain does not need the EU.

The time has come to #GetBritainOut. Our future lies in free trade and the power to determine our own borders. It is time to leave.



Robert Barnes is a 50 year old Conservative Eurosceptic.

Robert has been active in politics for many years. He joined the Young Conservatives in 1982 in his home city of Leeds and has campaigning experience in both local, General and European Elections.

In 1992 and 1997, Robert worked closely on Timothy Kirkhope’s General Election campaigns in North East Leeds.

Since moving to Oldham in 2005, Robert has stood as a Conservative Candidate in Local Elections in Oldham campaigning on a platform of leaving the EU.

Robert believes that it is time for a new generation to have their say on our future membership of the EU.

Robert feels that Britain’s future is global and is better placed if we #GetBritainOut.

You can follow Robert on Twitter @Toryeurosceptic.


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