Britain Has In-Built Advantages

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We hear that leaving the EU would diminish Britain’s standing on the world stage so often that you could be forgiven for believing it. We no longer have a say in setting European directives. The Special Relationship with America is all but destroyed. Our hopes of signing trade deals with economic giants like China and India have been reduced to ashes. 

“Leave the EU and we’re all doomed” – or so they say!

Writing in the Sunday Telegraph last weekend, Sir Martin Sorrell is just the latest in a long line of Brexit doomsayers. Like so many before him he plays at ignorance of the real influence and power Britain can wield in its own right.

Firstly, we would regain access to international organisations, such as the World Trade Organisation, where our seat is presently occupied by a representative of the EU. This would allow us to negotiate our own trade deals with countries like India (which the EU has been unsuccessfully negotiating a trade deal with since 2007), to open up our trade to global emerging markets. When the EU negotiates these deals it takes into account bureaucrats from Lisbon to Bucharest, and sets up some staggering tariffs on the way.

On top of this, we would still keep our place at the top table in organisations like NATO and the UN. We could start to concentrate on rebuilding relationships with our brothers and sisters across the Commonwealth who we have neglected so badly in favour of the EU.

This course of action is preferable compared to our influence if we stay inside the EU. We currently control 8% of the votes in the Council of Europe and 10% of MEPs in the European Parliament. Worryingly, the new Council voting system (which comes into force this November) will grant the Eurozone states enough votes to force legislation through if they all vote as a group, which can scupper any revisions we might try to make.

As the EU continues on its relentless quest to cover all territories from Gibraltar to the Urals, our influence will be further diluted. Eventually we will have as much influence in Europe and the world as an individual state in the United States has. Only if we Get Britain Out of the EU will we be able to continue to play a role on the world stage. The UK is on track to become the largest economy in Europe in the next couple of decades, but this depends on a country capable of self-determination and aggressive willingness to chase business where it finds it. Staying in the European Union is simply not an option. 

Get Britain Out

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