Brexit and Housing

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Ted Muxworthy writes an exclusive blog for Get Britain Out on Housing and Brexit


New UK housing has failed to keep up with population  growth for the last 30 years, so no wonder affordability is such an issue. Last year net migration was at some 330,000 – half of which was from the EU.


We need to build about 250,000 houses a year to keep up with demand. Last year only 140,000 new houses were built, an increase from the previous year. We are falling very short of what is required.


Uncontrolled immigration makes these targets even more difficult to achieve. Social cohesion comes under pressure as housing shortages and insufficient provision of social infrastructure creates tensions in the community. The rise of extremist parties throughout Europe is ample evidence of this.


We need to take control of our borders, which can only be achieved through Sovereignty and leaving the EU.


Only then will we have the opportunity to meet our housing needs.


Ted Muxworthy BSc. MRICS
of Muxworthy LLP Chartered Surveyors
London W1


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