Brexit Agreement Action: Template Letter

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We need to ensure that we get the Brexit we voted for! Please use the template below to contact your MP and urge them to do what is right: to vote against May’s Draft Brexit Agreement.

This is a very pressing issue and time is a critical factor if we are to succeed. Email or, even better, POST a letter to your MP on this issue. Personalise it to meet your own needs and aspirations and together we can ensure we get the Brexit we deserve.

 PLEASE NOTE: You MUST include your full name and address under GDPR rules for the letter to be read by your MP – and please AMEND the letter if you wish to do so to make it more personal].

[Insert your MP’s name and Constituency office address here]

[Date ]

Dear [insert name here] MP,

I am writing to you as I am a proud Brexit Leave voter, and a supporter of Get Britain Out, to ask you – as my elected representative in Parliament – to ensure you oppose the betrayal of Leave voters with the Prime Minister’s Brexit ‘Withdrawal Agreement’, which at the moment I understand Mrs May will bring before Parliament again for a ‘Meaningful Vote’ on Tuesday.

The public’s majority Leave vote in the EU Referendum on the 23rd June 2016 was a clear declaration of our need to ‘Take Back Control’ of our borders, money – and our laws. The Prime Minister’s draft Deal was presented to Parliamentarians and the voters  ‘as agreed with the EU’ – even before our own Parliament had agreed it! However, it does not – AND WILL NOT  deliver the Brexit we voted for.

It is now clear it will not and should not get the support of a majority of MPs in the House of Commons.

It has become clear the EU will not budge from their dominant self-serving position, and they will give no compromise or concessions to Britain. We will still be exposed to the Irish Backstop, and many issues – such as the continued jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice over the United Kingdom – will remain. This must not and cannot be!

Our PM promised the previous Deal was ‘The Best Deal’ and now she has gone for further amendments, as it has proved wholly unacceptable. We cannot expect any truth from the PM. She has lost sight of National Interest and what Leaving the EU actually meant when we, the Great British Public, voted Leave in the EU Referendum, giving the Government a massive mandate for Leave on June 23rd 2016. May’s ‘Deal’ and the potentially amended deal does not deliver on this, nor is it in the National Interest.

As my MP, if you truly believe in the ‘Democratic’ process, representing voices – such as mine – in our Constituency, then it is vital for you to listen to and understand our voices if you want to ensure my vote for you in the future. I want you to vote against the Brexit Deal that is on the table this Tuesday and offer your support towards finding a solution which will ensure our global future along with true sovereign control over our borders, laws and money after we Leave the EU on the 29th March this year. There is no need to fear ‘No Deal under WTO rules’, British businesses are prepared and willing to embrace the opportunity and prosperity that an exit on WTO terms will provide.

Yours sincerely,

[PLEASE NOTE: You MUST include your full name and address under GDPR rules for the letter to be read by your MP – and please AMEND the letter if you wish to do so to make it more personal.]

Many many thanks.

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