Boris Johnson Agrees We Must Secure Borders, or Leave the EU

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You know there is a leadership brawl brewing in the Tory party when Boris Johnson, the metropolitan Mayor of London, comes out blasting migration and urging the need to secure our borders.

As far as Boris Johnson is concerned, he said regaining control of our borders should be the number one priority for renegotiation. When asked if David Cameron cannot secure this goal from the EU in his so-called ‘renegotiation’ of Britain’s terms of membership, Boris Johnson was unambiguous as to what to do: we must Get Britain Out of the EU.

It is refreshing and welcome to hear such words from this eminent figure in the Tory party, but it leaves one feeling these words are getting trotted out in response to the tremendous gains won by UKIP. A plague of defections wreaking havoc among Tory ranks will leave many an MP with sleepless nights.

One thing is certain; the political establishment have felt the tremors of Nigel Farage’s promised earthquake and were taken aback, seeing a majority in2 015 slipping away. Knee-jerk reactions are nothing new. Whenever pressure has mounted, politicians of all stripes, including Labour and Lib-Dem, have paid lip service to the democratic necessity of putting Britain’s membership of the EU to the public vote.

The question on our lips is: do these politicians have the courage of their convictions and campaign to leave the EU if we get a rubbish deal? Or will it be another 1975 scenario, with minor adjustments to the terms of our EU membership being trumpeted as ‘massive gains’. Or will the Great British Public be conned again into subservience to Brussels for another generation?

Only time will tell.  For now it is a relief some senior Tories are starting to come round to our way of thinking. We must get Britain Out.

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