Border Control: Five-Year Ban for Britain’s Unskilled Migrant Workers?

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This quote is featured in Sputnik UK.

Writing for The Telegraph, Nigel Farage said: “We are a party that believes Britain can and does benefit from skilled workers. From doctors to engineers, business people, investors, craftsmen. From people who will come here, fit in, work hard, and create jobs and growth.

Farage is proposing a points system, like Australia where you’re awarded points according to your value to the British economy. Alan Murad, from Eurosceptic campaign group Get Britain Out supports Farage’s immigration reforms:

“The Australian-style points system is one of many options to reform immigration. It is completely unfair to grant special preference to European migrants and discriminate against non-Europeans, particularly as we live in a globalised world.

“Why must we uniquely give privilege to Europeans over skilled migrants from the Commonwealth and around the globe? We must not judge potential migrants based on their country of origin, but instead look at what skills they can contribute to this country”.

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