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By admin, posted on May 20, 2013

As the number of Romanian and Bulgarian migrants surges in the UK, so does antagonism towards the EU all across Europe. France is even more Eurosceptic than Britain according to a Pew survey, at a 41% approval rate, in contrast to the UK approval rate of 43%. Sir Andrew Green of the MigrationWatch estimates that… Read more

By admin, posted on May 20, 2013

If you look at the current state of Europe, you see the EU struggling to salvage its plummeting approval rate with an increasingly Eurosceptic population as austerity measures breed contempt and unrest, fiscal catastrophes and unemployment drive the people of Europe into disillusionment with the project entirely. Despite facing the brink of collapse, the European… Read more

By admin, posted on May 14, 2013

The government’s position on the EU is all over the place. It’s gimmick after gimmick, trying to fool the public that half-baked promises amount to cast-iron guarantees. First there was the ‘amendment’ to the Queen’s Speech that didn’t offer a referendum – it just merely expressed regret at the lack of an EU vote. Then… Read more

By admin, posted on May 10, 2013

Much has been made of the Tory amendment to the Queen’s Speech next week. It has been reported as an EU Referendum amendment. That couldn’t be further from the truth. The amendment merely states regret at the absence of an EU Referendum from the Queen’s Speech. So pitiful is it that Cameron is expected to… Read more

By admin, posted on May 9, 2013

First it was Lord Lawson, now Michael Portillo has joined the ranks of former government ministers saying that Britain should leave the EU. Again, his points are valid. We are not, we never have been, of the view that the EU must drive onward to ever-closer-union. Ever closer union has been the goal from the… Read more

By admin, posted on May 7, 2013

News that Lord Nigel Lawson wants Britain to leave the EU is welcome and indeed a bit surprising. Let’s remember that Nigel Lawson, along with Geoffrey Howe, threatened to resign if the UK did not enter the Exchange Rate Mechanism – the forerunner to the Euro. But let us remember there is much joy in… Read more

By admin, posted on May 2, 2013

The EU is set to spend over £5 billion (page 2 last paragraph) on creating non-jobs in Europe to disguise embarrassing youth unemployment figures according to a report by the European Union Committee of Permanent Representatives. The Committee is calling for a fund of £5.1 billion to be used to transpose German youth unemployment policy… Read more

By admin, posted on April 30, 2013

We have long warned in the campaign that the EU was planning to ship out its unemployed to the UK. First we found the EURES programme whereby unemployed EU workers receive money to get interviews and, if successful, settle in another member state. Then we found the government was actively advertising British jobs to unemployed… Read more