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Jean-Claude Juncker
By admin, posted on June 27, 2014

Today has confirmed what Eurosceptics have known for the past month: Jean-Claude Juncker will be the next President of the European Commission, whether we like it or not. ‘Cast-Iron’ Dave has lost his uphill battle to block this ‘drunk who has cognac for breakfast’ from the top job in Europe.

Radosław Sikorski in Berlin. Image courtesy of the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs Flickr.
By admin, posted on June 25, 2014

“We must stay in the EU”, the argument goes, and wearily continues: “Without a seat at the top table, we lose our ability to influence the direction of Europe”. It is worth asking in whose interest this argument is usually wielded.

Picture by Canadian Pacific.
By admin, posted on June 20, 2014

We are often told that markets react badly to uncertainty, but this fear of the unknown isn’t a unique quality. It’s essentially human, so no matter how terrible the European Union is, or how much worse it will become, some will still cling dear to the devil they know. If this fear of the dark… Read more

Photo by Evian Popper
By admin, posted on June 18, 2014

We hear that leaving the EU would diminish Britain’s standing on the world stage so often that you could be forgiven for believing it. We no longer have a say in setting European directives. The Special Relationship with America is all but destroyed. Our hopes of signing trade deals with economic giants like China and India have been reduced to ashes. 

Photo by Number 10
By admin, posted on June 13, 2014

This week the Prime Minister ruled out taking action to reduce the number of EU migrants coming to Britain. Cameron defended the EU’s freedom of movement, saying it is right people should be able to move across Europe for work.

Image by Jon Candy
By admin, posted on June 9, 2014

Street magazine The Big Issue was founded to give the most vulnerable in society a genuine opportunity to earn a living legally. Showing the degree to which the original mission has gone off-track, in many cases it is now being used as a means to legitimise the impoverished Eastern European underclass in Britain.

Photo by UK Parliament
By admin, posted on June 5, 2014

Good news for the two million people who voted for either the Greens or the Lib Dems: The Queen’s Speech has confirmed there WILL be a bill introducing a 5p tax on plastic bags. Worse news for the eight million people who voted for UKIP or the Conservatives: the Queen’s Speech makes no mention of… Read more

London Housing
By admin, posted on June 4, 2014

Until last year you’d be forgiven for not believing the recovery was its way. In the last year however, Britain has finally started to enjoy the fruits of several harsh years of austerity. GDP is up, unemployment is down and the long-awaited feel good factor is set to follow.