Better Off Out – More Prosperous and More Democratic

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John Redwood’s latest blog says EU costs would be reinvested back into the British economy after Brexit

“The UK will be more prosperous, more democratic and more influential by leaving the EU – or by accepting a fundamental change to our relationship which takes us out of the centralising treaties.

Leaving will be better for people.
The UK can decide whether to enjoy £300 a year for every family every year as a tax cut, or whether to increase public spending. That’s how much we currently give to the EU to spend elsewhere on the continent.

The UK can guarantee to match all the EU payments to farmers, universities and regional projects out of the money we currently send to the EU and get back.

The UK could pursue a cheaper energy policy, taking people out of fuel poverty and aiding the industrial recovery of the UK.

Leaving the EU will let us be a freer and more democratic country.

The UK will be able to make her own decisions through Parliament as guided and informed by UK voters

The UK will regain control of her own business, environmental, criminal justice, migration and foreign policies amongst others

Once again we will live in a country where Parliament can change any law that needs changing

The UK people will be sovereign again, able to elect people who do their bidding without the interference or prohibition of EU laws.”

Click here to read this piece in John Redwood’s Diary.

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