Another EU Rip-Off

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David Cameron is frothing at the EU for adding a £ 1.7 billion (€2.1 billion) top-up to Britain’s membership fee, to be paid on 1st December. This surcharge did not strike like lightning out of the blue. Our membership fee has always increased relentlessly every year. The political establishment is feigning surprise and outrage but it’s not news to anybody the EU is a byword for “mismanagement, epic waste and abuse of public money”.

Consider these facts:

  • The EU spends £2.4 billion a year (€ 3 billion) in its propaganda budget, more than what Coca-Cola spends on advertising, and almost as much as the current amount they are demanding!
  • Brussels has nearly a thousand officials who get paid £104,000 a year (€131,000)
  • The EU spends an absurd £436 million a year (€552 million) to maintain a network of foreign embassies, many of them in obscure island nations like Micronesia.
  • We’ve paid in more than we’ve got back in 40 out of 41 years.
  • Britain’s gross contribution stands at over £17.2 billion (€ 21.7 billion).
  • Let’s not forget the EU’s accounts have never ever been signed off. If a British company can’t get away with this, why should the EU?
  • No fewer than 3300 EU pen-pushers earn more than the Prime Minister!

And where does Britain stand in relation to the EU?

  • The EU is in terminal decline: whereas in 1973 the bloc accounted for 37% of World GDP, by 2015 it will be 22% of World GDP (Gross world product is the combined gross national product of all the countries in the world).
  • In 1992, 56% of British exports went to the EU, but this has now fallen to just 45%. This has made Britain the only member of the EU which trades more with the rest of the world than with the other 27 EU states.

With all the wasteful spending, the EU has essentially been running a deficit because they overspend on their do-good programs, much of it effectively foreign aid to countries like Ukraine and Mauritius. Overspending is the reason why Cameron’s mythical budget cuts were reversed by the European Parliament. Unpaid bills get passed on to Britain as well as struggling European countries such as Italy and Greece, while Germany gets a £614 million rebate (€ 777 million). EU is a fraudster demanding money with menaces.

How has the European Union come to this outrageous decision?

The EU Commissioner responsible for the budget has threatened Cameron, saying he is opening a “Pandora’s box” by challenging the top-up fee, which could result in Britain losing its rebate. They will make good on their threat if Cameron does not pay the bill on time. But words aren’t enough. Cameron needs to rekindle the spirit of Thatcher at Fontainbleau and make it clear to Brussels this is British tax payer’s money and we will not inject even more money into a wasteful politicised union. The federalist project does not have the support of the British public.

We are being punished for our success, while the EU rewards and congratulates countries for failure! That’s just the way the EU works and we are all paying for the privilege. If Cameron and the establishment are earnest about being outraged over the extortionate practices of the EU, they will push forward the In/Out referendum. The only way to stop funding the EU’s wasteful bureaucracy is to Get Britain Out.

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