Another EU Flight of Fancy

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The EU is a single market, you say. It should make it easier for people to trade, you say. That should be it, surely?

Constant EU power grabs say differently, and their latest move is another rung up the ladder to ‘ever closer union’. It never intended to be just a ‘Common Market’.

The Daily Express carried a story this week on EU plans to change working time for pilots, forcing them to fly for longer. This comes on top of working time rules for road users and its famous Working Time Directive. Mercifully, the UK has an opt-out from full application of the Directive, but this hasn’t stopped the European Parliament from trying to remove it.

But let’s look at the record of EU legislation. In 2009, rigid EU working time laws meant a pensioner with dementia had to wait in the cold, locked out of her flat, because the law forced compulsory breaks. The medical profession have long campaigned against Brussels working time rules hindering their work, education and care.

So now the EU turns its eye to pilots and aviation. Forgive us for being sceptical, but their record doesn’t fill us with confidence. The Government would do well to tell Brussels to put this pie in the sky plan to rest.

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