Angela Merkel ‘endorses’ Get Britain Out

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Oh alright, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but reading Angela Merkel’s much discussed comments about returning powers from the EU to member states we noticed the preceding paragraph was actually rather interesting too. Open Europe’s translation of Merkel’s remarks quotes her as saying:

‘More Europe’ can not only mean transferring competences from national states to Europe, but you can also have ‘more Europe’ by coordinating national political actions more intensively and rigorously with others.

This is no different to the fundamental point often made by Eurosceptics: just because cooperation between European nations may be implemented through the EU at the moment, it doesn’t mean it can only be done through the EU.

Now that might seem an obvious point to you or me, but a surprising number of people grudgingly support the EU because they imagine that, were we to leave, the handful of good things they believe the EU does currently will stop happening altogether. The next time we encounter such a person, we’re delighted that we’ll be able to count on the support of Angela Merkel in laying that particular Euromyth to rest.

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