An ‘Open Letter’ to Prime Minister Theresa May and her Cabinet

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As a proud citizen of the UK, I am writing to you as a member of the Cabinet to express my disgust at the feeble, and divisive way our exit from the European Union is being handled. I had hoped members of this Government would respect the Referendum result, and honour its manifesto commitments, but betrayal seems to be in the air.

The vote to Leave was made with the clear knowledge it would mean leaving the Single Market AND the Customs Union, and we would revert to WTO trading rules if a satisfactory free trade agreement could not be negotiated with the EU. The EU have shown themselves to be uncooperative, dismissive and outspoken in negotiations for a trade agreement. The continuous bickering within Government, and elsewhere in the UK, only gives them more reason to continue to be obstructive.

Surely now is the last chance for our Government to stand up for its citizens and tell the EU, before their June summit meeting, that if the basics of a free trade agreement are not in place by September 2018 we will withdraw from talks. This will allow the UK to prepare for WTO trading rules. This decision, however, must be made very soon as time is running out.

EU citizens should be made aware it is the EU, and not us, standing in the way of free trade. Similarly, free trade would make it easier to resolve the border problems in Northern Ireland. The “Backstop” option is an affront to the people of Northern Ireland and the UK and will prevent us from striking new trade deals. After all, the Good Friday agreement was not negotiated with the EU, and should stay as an arrangement between the UK and Ireland. All this should make the EU think again about its tactics in the knowledge they would be responsible for any ensuing problems and loss of UK funds.

Parliament granted the Referendum, and activated Article 50. In the General Election last year over 80% of votes were for parties committing to leaving the Single Market AND the Customs Union. If MPs of all parties cannot respect the Referendum result and honour their manifesto commitments they do not deserve to be MPs, let alone Cabinet Ministers. It’s no wonder politicians are not trusted.

I could say much more, but let me conclude by saying that as a long-standing Conservative voter, I for one (and I am sure many others too) will never again vote for the Conservatives unless there is a radical change in the Government’s Brexit approach. Actions speak louder than words.


Yours frustratedly,

David Partridge

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