An Independent Britain can trade with the EU

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Euro notes

Ryan Bourne of the Centre for Policy Studies has an article in City AM today about negotiating our own trade deals with the EU.

It leads us to make two points. The first is that globalisation means we should be at the top table of the World Trade Organisation representing our own interests as opposed to leaving the room in favour of an EU seat.

The next is that there is already a mechanism to settle a UK-EU a trade arrangement, which is in everyone’s interests. Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty allows us to leave and gives a two year period for negotiation. Yes, the EU will still wish to trade with us. It is treaty-bound to. We have a massive trade deficit with the EU that expands year on year. It is in their interests as much as ours to maintain trade. The point is we cannot ‘renegotiate’ inside the EU.

It was Tony Blair who said in 2000 “Of course Britain could survive outside the EU, we could probably get access to the Single Market as Norway and Switzerland do”.

But the EU is not all about trade. In the European Parliament, it is about ‘solidarity’ and striving for ever closer union. If it was about economics they’d have dumped the Euro and their ruinous financial transaction tax ideas. One statistic they should never be allowed to forget is that youth unemployment in Greece is nearly 60%. A generation is lost all because the political elites in the EU want “ever closer union”… at any price.

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