Ambulances for Weary MEPs

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Brussels, in its latest Monty Python-esque stunt, wants ambulances to be available for stressed out MEPs. Outside the EU headquarters will be a full functional, £200,000 ambulance – which will be funded by, you guessed it, the taxpayers! Not only are Brits disconnected and remote from MEPs (a point which even Nick Clegg recently admitted) but now we have to look out for their ‘health and safety’.

Everyone remembers when Nigel Farage questioned EU President Herman Van Rumpey on his authority: “Who are you!?” We at Get Britain Out are asking a similar question about these ‘stressed’ MEPs: “Who are you? Why are you stressed? And why should British taxpayers pay to nurse you better?” The farce of the EU must always be brought to light.

So why is an on-site ambulance necessary? Well, according to the EU, the stress of voting poses an extreme health and safety risk. A committee which rules on administration issues claimed: “Long voting times are a serious cause of stress for both members and staff.” If anyone has witnessed the process of voting in the EU, you will know this couldn’t be further from the truth. MEPs vote on legislation by the simple raising of a hand: there’s no debate, no deliberation and no appeals to public opinion. Raising your hand many times a day may tire out your arm (slightly!) but this can hardly be called stressful. The EU really needs to get its priorities straight.

UKIP Deputy Leader, Paul Nuttall, hit the nail on the head: “Voting is hardly working down the mines, now, is it?” British taxpayers will be sponsoring this silly enterprise; taxpayers who themselves probably have far stressful jobs than these pro-EU MEPs. As Nuttall went on to comment, “If the great mass of pro-EU MEPs are worried that sitting down and waving their arms around once a month might cause them stress-related health difficulties, maybe they should get another job.” We at Get Britain Out believe we need serious politicians who won’t complain about their job, but who will step up and meet the needs of the Great British Public.

Sam Woolfe, Research Executive

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