All talk and no walk.

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Last month, European leaders gathered for a conference in the Institut d’Études Politiques de Paris, where President Hollande noted that there was a crisis which threatens ‘the future of the European project’. The looming danger turned out to be youth unemployment, and Hollande states it was reaching alarming levels. This represents a turning point: at least someone acknowledged that all is not well in merry Europa. It is fortunate that the EU Member States contain such wise and proactive leaders who talk at length about problems Europe faces, and do nothing at all afterwards. The people of Britain are familiar with the solution for this very problem, as high youth unemployment figures was a grinding reality not absent from our shores. According to the political classes, if things are not going well enough, it just needs more austerity. Of course(!)

The New York Times states that the heart of the problem is not merely the slump but inflexible labour market rules that stifle young people’s entry into employment. This would be a natural consequence of imposing byzantine rules on an entire continent, but as far as the pro-Brussels cabal is concerned, the system must be perpetuated at all costs.

The European project fosters such denial because the parties involved are too invested in it to put the interests of their own people ahead of the interests of an institution that has mutated into an administrative nightmare. There is no incentive to adopt bold, pragmatic solutions. The political classes must be reminded that the people of Britain have a stake in its destiny, not Brussels, and also be reminded where their priorities ought to lie. Enough with the vassalage, the people want leadership.

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