A worthless amendment

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Much has been made of the Tory amendment to the Queen’s Speech next week. It has been reported as an EU Referendum amendment. That couldn’t be further from the truth. The amendment merely states regret at the absence of an EU Referendum from the Queen’s Speech. So pitiful is it that Cameron is expected to vote for it – to vote against his own Queen’s Speech.

What a farce.

Look at all the effort that has gone into tricking the public into believing the government is eurosceptic. This song and dance and political capital being used to rearrange deckchairs all a waste. That energy could have been used to push through a real EU referendum bill.

It sadly seems this government is content to let us pay more to the EU, to let the EU write our laws and control our borders for four more years. That is if you trust Mr Cameron… he has gone back on his word before.

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