A small win for Parliament

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Yesterday parliament rose from its slumber, rolled up its sleeves and said “no more” to the European Union.

By a wafer thin margin of only 13 votes, parliament last night backed a cut in the EU budget. This morning Nick Clegg says that won’t happen and the government insists it will still go for a ‘freeze’. So we can expect more taxpayers’ money to go to the EU. David Cameron has hinted as much already.

But if he cannot go and renegotiate the EU budget, how can he renegotiate our EU membership? The truth is he can’t.

On his return from the budget summit next month, having signed an agreement to send more taxpayers’ money to Brussels, parliament will be neutered. It will show to the British public that the EU is supreme. It will also demonstrate that our EU membership isn’t open to negotiation and that we’re on the same conveyor belt to full union. Article 16 of the supposedly vetoed Fiscal Union Treaty incorporates fiscal union into EU law by 2017. What can’t talk can’t lie. It’s there in black and white.

The flimsy arguments of the ‘renegotiate’ group are falling apart. The only option now is to have that In/Out Referendum to give us the opportunity to Get Britain Out of the EU.

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