A Question of Legitimacy.

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President Obama warned Europe that they risk creating a lost generation if they don’t alter their economic policies and prioritise improving people’s welfare. He noted the particular danger of youth unemployment, which is at 24% in the Eurozone countries and far higher than the 16% rate of joblessness of youth in the US.

Of course, the EU busybodies are too busy dealing with more pressing matters such as ramming down legislation banning olive oil bowls, or prohibiting pictures of babies on milk formula packets. When will they have time to tackle youth unemployment or generate growth in Europe? Those problems require well-thought-out policies and solutions! They don’t have time in Brussels for all that.

No one can really expect the EU to function effectively because the very conception is flawed. The USA proves that 50 states can function as a single country when the federal government has genuine legitimacy. The US Presidency is elected by its citizens. The European Commission is not accountable to the people of Europe, they are very remote from the anger on the street and are free to draft inane and interfering laws to look like they are doing something while failing to achieve anything of value to its Member States. There is no incentive to act in the collective interests of all Member States or the populace therein.

The US is united by language and culture while the EU is divided with lots of regional differences that make a “one size fits all” approach unsound. President Obama expects too much from Barroso. The EU institutions are the problem and not the source of the solution to Europe’s or Great Britain’s woes. It is a group of overpaid bureaucrats with too much power and too little competence, exploiting a system that is geared for poor decision making and causing havoc in the process.

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