A Museum of Folly

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As if attempting to set up a news agency to spread propaganda was not enough, the EU are determined to waste up to £1.6 million of taxpayer’s money on a museum exhibit that amounts to a series of shelves with items related to the history of Europe. It will include suitcases and a Soviet hammer-and-sickle.

Having been forced to back down from an Orwellian spin machine, they didn’t let that stop them from provoking the peoples of Europe again. The exhibit is to feature in the House of European History, a museum dedicated to telling the public about the shared history of the EU nations. The project is over-budget, of course, and the primary purpose is pure propaganda rather than educational.

Why anybody would bother to waste money to visit this museum is a mystery but that does not matter to the unelected civil servants that run the show in Brussels. They are so drunk with power that if they can’t get further their interests with a propaganda machine, they will be sure to waste the money on something else, as if to spite us.

The EU is undermining itself. None of these efforts will amount to anything and the EU itself will eventually be condemned to a museum of historic follies.

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