A Brazen Tax Grab by Brussels

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The Daily Express reports plans for an EU-imposed minimum corporation tax:

“Officials in Paris and Berlin have drawn up plans for a minimum corporation tax levy across all 28 EU member nations, Brussels sources revealed yesterday.

“Critics fear it will undermine the UK economy by imposing soaring costs on business, wrecking job creation.

“The plan, labelled a “brazen tax grab”, is a blow to David Cameron’s hopes of keeping Britain in the EU.”

Our campaign is quoted in the article, condemning the EU’s push to take control of taxation powers:

“Brussels imposing a common corporation tax will be the most brazen power grab we have witnessed.

“This is using the EU to undercut competitive countries like Britain. The outcome will be to reduce our competitiveness in global trade. Jobs will be lost and wages reduced.

“It is a policy based on resentment of Britain’s economic performance.

“It sets a terrifying precedent when decisions about our tax rates are made by faceless bureaucrats in Brussels instead of elected officials in Westminster. This demonstrates why we should Get Britain Out.”

Click here to read the full article in the Daily Express

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