6 Reasons Why Women Should Vote to Leave the European Union

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Anna Firth the Founder and Co-Chair of Women for Britain on why women should vote to Get Britain Out of the EU.

Women will decide the outcome of EU referendum.  Double the numbers of women than men still haven’t decided how they are going to vote next week, yet turnout figures show they will turn out and vote on the day.  Add to this the fact there are 1.7 million more women than men eligible to vote in the UK, it is quite clear women will decide next week’s referendum result.

Here are the 6 main reasons why leaving the EU will be better for women:

The long-term health of the UK economy demands that we leave EU.  A healthy economy brings infinitely better prospects for women, just as it does for men:

The Eurozone is experiencing dire youth unemployment. There is a lost generation in countries such as Greece, Spain, Italy and Portugal. Not surprisingly, many of those young people are coming to the UK to find work.  We do not want our children to face a similar prospect by staying in the EU and becoming more integrated with, and regulated by, a group of countries with declining economies.  Away from the single market, we would be able to trade freely with the rest of the world where are our exports are growing, and make the advantageous trade deals the EU has spectacularly failed to do with the growing economies of India, China, Brazil, US etc. Businesses would flourish producing more jobs, more investment and more wealth and with more trade deals, so our economy will grow faster, making us all better off.

Better rights and protections for women: 

Contrary to what we are led to believe by the Remain campaign, Britain has led the way when it comes to women’s rights and protections.  For example, if you have a baby in the UK you are entitled to 39 weeks statutory maternity pay compared to only 14 weeks in other EU Member States – and at a higher rate of pay too.  Holiday entitlement is also better in the UK: 5.6 weeks as against 4 weeks in the EU.  Unfair dismissal rights and the minimum wage are also far better.  The UK is years ahead of the EU when it comes to protecting women’s rights.  Voting to stay in the EU risks our stronger maternity rights, holiday entitlement and higher minimum wage being watered down as the EU seeks to implement its plan to harmonise worker’s rights across the whole EU bloc.

More money for schools and the NHS: 

The UK’s net contribution to the EU is now £10 billion every year – money which could be spent on new schools and classroom facilities.  The EU’s rules on free movement are placing unprecedented pressure on our schools.  Last year 84,000 pupils missed out on their first choice of secondary school and by 2024 – only 8 years away – 900,000 more school places will be needed.  If we come out of the EU we could start building the new Schools we need and which will be vital to educate the next generation.  We could also invest more in our NHS which is nearing crisis point.

Lower prices: 

Being part of the single market means we have to impose EU tariffs on goods we import from countries outside of the EU, thus driving up prices. The Common Agricultural Policy, in particular, is designed to artificially inflate food prices by helping to subsidise inefficient farmers in France, Spain, Portugal and elsewhere.  For example, New Zealand lamb is 18% more expensive in the UK then it is in the USA due to EU policies.  On average, a family of 2 adults and 2 children would save £45 a month on their food bill if we came out of the EU.  Similarly, utilities and petrol would also come down as we would no longer be bound to contribute to Brussel’s European Trading Scheme and Carbon Price Floor which dramatically increases families’ energy bills.  EU regulations also cost our domestic businesses a staggering £600million per week which, of course, is passed on to the consumer.

Cheaper car insurance:

Due to a decision by the Luxembourg European Court of Justice, since January 2013 it has been illegal for UK car insurers to offer women cheaper car insurance, even though the evidence clearly shows women have fewer major accidents.  If we come out of the EU in June we can stop the current situation where women are subsidising reckless male drivers, and restore the long-held UK insurance practice of offering women cheaper car insurance!

No European taxes:  

Most shocking of all, only last month the EU’s Monetary and Economic Affairs Committee approved plans to issue every European citizen with a European Union Tax Identification Number (EUTIN), thus paving the way for a new system of Europe-wide direct taxation.

With the Eurozone in crisis and further bank bailouts and debt relief for the Mediterranean countries a near certainty, the EU will need to raise the money from somewhere.  Having no resources of its own, and with so many Member States facing severe budgetary problems, the European Union is now preparing to raise funds directly from its own citizens in general EU-wide taxation!


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