51 percent want to leave the EU! Poll result sparks new demands for early referendum

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Luke Stanley, of Get Britain Out, said:

“David Cameron has already bitten off more than he can chew by suggesting he can reform in two-and-a-half years what successive British Prime Ministers have failed to reform for 40 years – our membership of the EU.

“Now, unbelievably, it has emerged that his strategy is to attempt to achieve his reforms in the few short months between the French and German elections in 2017.

“If Cameron is intent on this timetable, we all know what will happen in 2017. Cameron will return to Westminster waving a white flag with a copy of his reforms and he will declare he has fixed every one of Britain’s issues with EU membership in a few short months.

“With his army of civil servants and spin doctors, he will attempt to dupe the Great British Public into thinking our relationship with Brussels has been transformed – just in time for the referendum.

“Six months later, when it becomes clear the whole renegotiation was a farce, it will be too late and we will be denied a referendum for another 40 years”.

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