2 More Years in the EU is Long Enough

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On June 23rd last year, the Great British Public were clear – they wanted control over their borders. They didn’t vote to keep the status quo, they called for an immediate change. A reduction in the number of people coming to the UK, and control over those who can come.

Yet, the public are set to be denied. We have learnt the EU’s free movement of people could continue for 5 more years, keeping Britain’s borders open until 2022! As a result, this country will not be allowed to have control over immigration – and its borders, allowing mass migration to continue.

Prime Minister Theresa May has refused to rule out a ‘transitional period’ after the UK leaves the EU in March 2019. This transitional period, according to the EU, could last up to 3 years. And it has been made clear by Brussels’ mandarins a transitional period would require the UK’s acceptance of EU rules – including free movement!

The logic behind this is supposed to be to give businesses and the Government time to adjust to Brexit, but in effect it will, in all but name, keep the UK in the EU until 2022.

Theresa May said: “If you think about it, once we’ve got the deal, once we’ve agreed what the new relationship will be for the future, it will be necessary for there to be a period of time when businesses and governments are adjusting systems and so forth, depending on the nature of the deal.”

UKIP leader, Paul Nuttall is right when he says: “The backsliding is in full swing already”. The Government was initially firmly against such transitional periods, ceding British control over its border. But now it’s all in favour.

Research conducted by Leave Means Leave has revealed 1.25 million extra EU migrants could move to the UK in the next two years alone. This calculation was based on National Insurance Number registrations by EU workers. According to the group, this is more accurate than Government statistics, as the Government relies on the International Passenger Survey. A survey which only samples 0.2% of travellers.

If 1.25 million can come in 2 years, the number of people who could move here within 5 years is absolutely astronomical.

And – strangely enough – EU migrants already living here, without jobs, already could fill a city the size of Bristol!

A transitional deal will do nothing other than allow Remoaners to build up steam, giving a new lease of life to those who despise democracy. They will stop at nothing to keep the UK inside the EU, regardless of the wishes of the Great British Public.

Article 50 has now been triggered, starting a 2-year period to negotiate Britain’s exit from the EU. This 2-year period is enough time for any transition! More delay has only one purpose – to bring back ‘Project Fear’ to scare Britons to change their minds, and hope Brexiteers’ eyes are taken off the ball.

We at Get Britain Out are clear. Brexit delayed is Brexit denied. 2 years is long enough to wait for Brexit. Once we leave the EU, we must have control over our laws, our borders and our money. This cannot be achieved with any transitional period. We must be able to cut immigration immediately, because that’s what the Great British Public want, despite what politicians might think.

Jayne Adye, Campaign Director at Get Britain Out

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