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By admin, posted on October 5, 2012

The EU has run out of money and has come round with the begging bowl again. The European Union now demands that the Great British Public fork over another £1bn to the EU because it has overspent. That’s on top of the £18bn we send them annually. I can’t remember a year where the EU… Read more

By admin, posted on October 4, 2012

The papers are awash with the news of the West Coast Mainline bungle and shock at the staggering £40 million the government must pay out. As bad as that is, let’s put it into perspective. Today we will pay the European Union £53 million. We did yesterday and we will do so again tomorrow. These… Read more

By admin, posted on October 3, 2012

The EU is a single market, you say. It should make it easier for people to trade, you say. That should be it, surely? Constant EU power grabs say differently, and their latest move is another rung up the ladder to ‘ever closer union’. It never intended to be just a ‘Common Market’. The Daily… Read more

By admin, posted on October 2, 2012

Lord Neil Kinnock, speaking at Labour’s conference this week, said that an In/Out EU Referendum would be a “distraction”. We could take this as a remarkable piece of statesmanship, a determination to hunker down and sort out our economic troubles. Clearly his position has nothing to do with the £10 million the Kinnocks have cashed… Read more