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By admin, posted on March 7, 2013

The Institute of Economic Affairs has produced a new report entitled “Euro Puppets: The European Commission’s remaking of civil society”. It exposes how much taxpayers’ money is funding pro-EU lobby groups to propagandise to the peoples of Europe. Gems include: “Many of the groups which receive the Commission’s patronage would struggle to exist without statutory… Read more

By admin, posted on March 6, 2013

In a humiliating vote in Brussels yesterday, Chancellor George Osborne was out voted 26-1 on EU regulation of banker bonuses. Whatever you think of the City of London or bankers, please do put that to one side for a minute. The City contributes well over £60bn in tax revenues and countless more in associated jobs… Read more

By admin, posted on March 4, 2013

Baroness Ashton, our EU foreign minister who heads up the EU’s External Action Service, has been called “clueless” in a report examining the work of the EEAS. The Action Service is lambasted for being wasteful and disorganised. Ashton has previously complained that she needs a private jet to help her do her job ‘properly’. It… Read more

By admin, posted on March 1, 2013

71% say the government is powerless over Romanian and Bulgarian immigration. A ComRes poll commissioned by Get Britain Out has shown public disbelief in government assurances that they will deter a new wave of EU immigration from Romania and Bulgaria next year. Fifty-nine percent of the British public say that the government cannot meet its… Read more

By admin, posted on February 27, 2013

Surprise, surprise, the EU has voiced its opposition to yet another plan to limit immigration from the EU. Government proposals to force new EU migrants to pay £55 for an ID card have not been seen by the EU Commission. Yet a commission spokesman said it would be illegal for ID cards to be compulsory… Read more

By admin, posted on February 26, 2013

The European Union is to charge the UK £107.4m (€127.4 million) as compensation for errors in the allocation of Common Agricultural Policy payments. This is roughly the equivalent of just over 2 days EU membership costs. The UK will be fined €111.7m due to errors in the processing of applications, in administrative cross checks and… Read more

By admin, posted on February 25, 2013

The conclusion of the election in Cyprus has heralded talk of another Eurozone bailout. They just don’t get it. No matter how much money you throw at the Euro, it will still keep the Eurozone and the EU in economic malaise. It has destroyed a generation of young Europeans and the political class barely bat… Read more

By admin, posted on February 22, 2013

Yesterday the European Union announced it is taking the UK to the European Court of Justice over the Government’s 5% VAT rate on ‘energy saving materials’. This 5% rate is much lower than the standard VAT rate of 20%. The lower rate applies to energy saving materials including the installation of: controls for central heating… Read more