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By admin, posted on November 8, 2012

Supporter Gary Robinson begins a series of blogs on whether the EU has a purpose in the modern world. He begins by looking at the aims of the EU and international affairs. In order to assess whether the European Union serves a purpose, I began to seek out its objectives – a search that led… Read more

By admin, posted on November 7, 2012

If you owned shares in a company, and the accounts submitted by the directors failed, would it bother you? How about if they just shrugged it off, insisting that it was nothing to worry your pretty little head about? Most people would probably be concerned that the employees could be spending the money extravagantly, giving… Read more

By admin, posted on November 7, 2012

In Brussels there is no crisis. Everything is fine and the only solution is “more Europe”. The EU is not doing enough, they say, and the EU must drive on to full union. Then they will be in the land of milk and honey. It came as little surprise, therefore, that we found a report… Read more

By admin, posted on November 6, 2012

Today’s news that the EU is set to give its own bureaucrats pay rises and tax cuts equivalent to a 9% increase in salary is further evidence that it is impossible to understand the decidedly peculiar minds at the top of the EU federalist nightmare. If I were a senior official in an organisation consisting… Read more

By admin, posted on November 5, 2012

Our new team member Glenn Coleman-Cooke writes today about the need to get the right EU referendum question: There finally seems to be some hope on the horizon for those who hope to try and stop the EU juggernaut. After years of displaying a bewildering ability to ignore what was blindingly obvious to the rest… Read more

By admin, posted on November 5, 2012

The excellent Trevor Kavanagh in today’s Sun newspaper says what we’ve always known since the Euro crisis engulfed the EU – Britain is on its way out. Millions of Brits will read this morning how we will be better off out, how the EU is headed one way and we will go in another direction…. Read more

By admin, posted on November 2, 2012

It was a coin toss between him and Nick Clegg, but Ken Clarke’s statement today that it is ‘absurd’ to cut the EU budget make him the most out-of-touch man in the country. He struts about at home talking about cuts, yet any cuts to his precious European Union aren’t even worth discussing. It is… Read more

By admin, posted on November 1, 2012

Supporter Ann Sheridan writes about a government reply to an EU referendum petition she signed recently: Several weeks ago I signed an HMG e-Petition on a referendum regarding our relationship with the EU. Recently I received a response as more than 10000 people signed the petition. Needless to say the response was the usual vacuous… Read more