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By admin, posted on January 15, 2014

In The Times today, there is a piece quoting Nicholas Soames (£), saying that pro-EU Tories “only had themselves to blame” for letting the Party bow to the demands of Eurosceptics within. He also said the Tories must ‘wage war on Eurosceptics’, though he seems to forget that there are Eurosceptics pursuing war from within and… Read more

By admin, posted on January 13, 2014

Yesterday the Foreign Secretary, William Hague, casually dismissed demands from Conservative backbenchers to give Parliament the power to veto new EU laws. This is another example of William Hague’s transformation from leading the Eurosceptic movement that campaigned against the Euro to becoming another cowed Europhile from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO).

By admin, posted on January 9, 2014

Viviane Reding has come out in favour of a United States of Europe, saying that political union should be on the agenda in the upcoming EU elections (that are four months away) and doing so would be ‘our best weapon against the Euro-sceptics: to explain to our citizens that their vote broadly matters.’  Her comments reflect… Read more

By admin, posted on January 7, 2014

The Mail on Sunday published a poll by Survation which shows that public attitudes towards immigration and the EU have reached a new low. A majority of Brits fear that the influx will depress wages (64.4%), put pressure on public services (64.2%) and increase scarcity of affordable housing (64.4%).

By Get Britain Out, posted on January 2, 2014

There are a couple interesting things on the subject of EU migration from the think tank Civitas today. The first is a blog post by Nigel Williams, looking at the claim that migration is good for the country because it creates economic growth. The author makes the perfectly logical point that, with more people coming into the… Read more

By Get Britain Out, posted on December 30, 2013

The UK’s former Lord Chief Justice, Lord Judge (that’s not some special title — Mr and Mrs Judge’s boy simply had a legal career that took him to the House of Lords), has mounted a welcome defence of Parliamentary sovereignty. His target was the European Court of Human Rights, which is of course a separate… Read more

By Get Britain Out, posted on December 23, 2013

Today’s Guardian carries a reasonably fair-minded comment piece by John Harris, entitled ‘It’s not racist to be anxious over large-scale immigration’. Given that any sensible person knows that already, it tells you something that it’s still a surprise to read such a headline in the Guardian! Our polling on EU migration is quoted too, in… Read more

By Get Britain Out, posted on December 20, 2013

Today the EU had its credit rating lowered by the Standard & Poor’s credit rating agency from AAA to AA+. This comes just as it is becoming abundantly clear that, while Britain and America are showing signs of recovery, the EU is still heading for the economic abyss. What is worse is that the Eurocrats… Read more