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By admin, posted on July 7, 2014

Eurosceptic MP’s lie in wait to ambush Home Secretary Theresa May this coming Thursday, as the debate over EU justice and policing measures comes to Parliament. Without any renegotiation or need for major reform in Europe, we have an unusual ability to repatriate some 133 powers – hassle-free. Against a backdrop of ‘Cast-Iron’ Dave’s promise… Read more

Unite Flag by Andrew Skudder
By admin, posted on July 4, 2014

What do the Tories, UKIP and the trade union Unite all have in common? As of yesterday, they all support an In/Out referendum on our membership of the European Union! Just as in 1975, the Europe question has resulted in strange bedfellows. Those with long memories will remember Enoch Powell and Tony Benn unusually campaigning for the same… Read more

Photo in WikiCommons
By admin, posted on July 2, 2014

How The Renegotiation Will Work: The nomination of Jean-Claude Junker as head of the European Commission on 27th June 2014 appears to mean that Mr Cameron’s famous “Re-Negotiation” is about to begin – though nobody, including the Cabinet, and, most likely, Mr Cameron himself, has the foggiest idea what “re-negotiation” would actually be about, or when… Read more

Photo in WikiCommons
By admin, posted on July 1, 2014

After David Cameron’s humiliating defeat on Friday, we now know the identity of the man who will earn over €300,000 a year to undermine the democratic rights of the nations of Europe. Jean-Claude Juncker, a man no British citizen voted for and no European leader wanted, is to be President of the European Commission.

Jean-Claude Juncker
By admin, posted on June 27, 2014

Today has confirmed what Eurosceptics have known for the past month: Jean-Claude Juncker will be the next President of the European Commission, whether we like it or not. ‘Cast-Iron’ Dave has lost his uphill battle to block this ‘drunk who has cognac for breakfast’ from the top job in Europe.

Radosław Sikorski in Berlin. Image courtesy of the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs Flickr.
By admin, posted on June 25, 2014

“We must stay in the EU”, the argument goes, and wearily continues: “Without a seat at the top table, we lose our ability to influence the direction of Europe”. It is worth asking in whose interest this argument is usually wielded.

Picture by Canadian Pacific.
By admin, posted on June 20, 2014

We are often told that markets react badly to uncertainty, but this fear of the unknown isn’t a unique quality. It’s essentially human, so no matter how terrible the European Union is, or how much worse it will become, some will still cling dear to the devil they know. If this fear of the dark… Read more

Photo by Evian Popper
By admin, posted on June 18, 2014

We hear that leaving the EU would diminish Britain’s standing on the world stage so often that you could be forgiven for believing it. We no longer have a say in setting European directives. The Special Relationship with America is all but destroyed. Our hopes of signing trade deals with economic giants like China and India have been reduced to ashes.