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By admin, posted on December 3, 2014

The number of British fishermen has fallen by a quarter in the last two decades. Behind the scenes is the EU’s long-running (and much hated) Common Fisheries Policy which lays down the law for small time fishermen and huge trawlers alike, though the rules are drafted in the interests of large scale fishing businesses and rigged against small… Read more

Photograph: @Number10gov/PA
By admin, posted on December 1, 2014

Red lines have now been drawn, or so David Cameron would have all of us believe as he announced his long awaited raft of new proposals to curb migration from the EU. However, many of them are unlikely to be acceptable to Brussels.

Photo by UK Home Office
By admin, posted on December 1, 2014

Cameron has finally proposed how he intends to try and reform EU immigration. He is tinkering with the principle of free movement of people in an attempt to make it as close to “free movement of workers” as he can. By doing so, ‘Cast-iron’ Dave has shown yet again he is completely out of touch… Read more

Photo by Daily Mail
By admin, posted on November 27, 2014

The President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker has now announced his plan to revive Europe’s ailing economy by splashing £250 billion on “investment”, but this will inevitably prove to be another exercise in futility and waste. The responsibility for stagnant growth in the Eurozone rests solely on the lap of Brussels.

Photo by Chatham House
By admin, posted on November 18, 2014

It is always surreal to hear a true believer in the EU project to admit the UK needs to ‘regain control over our borders’. This is precisely what John Major said on the Andrew Marr show on Sunday, as he flouted his own warning not to “bang on about Europe”, though Tories have done nothing else since… Read more

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By admin, posted on November 6, 2014

Mere weeks after the EU demanded £1.7 billion (€2.1 billion) from the British taxpayer on account of our economy being too successful, the annual report of the EU’s own Court of Auditors has exposed rampant corruption is rife in Brussels.

By admin, posted on October 31, 2014

It is unsurprising the Liberal Democrats have decided to veto Bob Neill’s EU Referendum Bill – despite their name, they have made a habit of opposing democracy at every turn. It is in their nature to block the wishes of the Great British Public. What is surprising is their decision not to leave it to… Read more

Photo by Daily Mail
By admin, posted on October 29, 2014

David Cameron is frothing at the EU for adding a £ 1.7 billion (€2.1 billion) top-up to Britain’s membership fee, to be paid on 1st December. This surcharge did not strike like lightning out of the blue. Our membership fee has always increased relentlessly every year. The political establishment is feigning surprise and outrage but it’s not news… Read more