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By Get Britain Out, posted on March 6, 2015

The latest diktat from the European Union is a sobering example of the Eurocrats’ willingness to drown small businesses in Britain in a sea of red tape. By introducing a tax on British cider producers, Brussels is not only attacking the manufacturers, but the majority of British adults who enjoy cider, as well as scrumpy…. Read more

By Get Britain Out, posted on March 6, 2015

Tackling fears that European immigrants come to Britain to abuse our benefits will be vital to winning backing for the EU and its free movement rules, a top Brussels official admitted yesterday evening. Luke Stanley, of the cross-party anti-EU campaign group Get Britain Out, said:

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By Get Britain Out, posted on March 5, 2015

This piece was crossposted on The Commentator Just as the recent immigration figures have become a toxic issue for the Conservative Party, the difficulty of controlling immigration while being tied to the EU becomes even clearer. When Europhiles hear ‘control’ and ‘immigration’ together in the same sentence, they immediately conclude it has something to do with bigotry. They… Read more

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By Get Britain Out, posted on March 4, 2015

This quote is featured in Sputnik UK. Writing for The Telegraph, Nigel Farage said: “We are a party that believes Britain can and does benefit from skilled workers. From doctors to engineers, business people, investors, craftsmen. From people who will come here, fit in, work hard, and create jobs and growth. Farage is proposing a points system, like Australia… Read more

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By Get Britain Out, posted on March 3, 2015

This article was crossposted on The Commentator. The EU’s plans to establish an Energy Union are steaming ahead. The problem is that this all in the midst of stirring tension with Russia. What the Ukraine crisis has revealed are the internal contradictions of 28 countries being chained to the EU, and to a single foreign policy…. Read more

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By Get Britain Out, posted on February 27, 2015

Philip Davies, Conservative MP for Shipley and veteran Eurosceptic backbencher, has written this exclusive article for Get Britain Out: EU membership has become the most important topic on the political landscape. If the Conservatives win the General Election this year there will be an In/Out referendum, and when this comes I will be voting to… Read more

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By Get Britain Out, posted on February 26, 2015

European Union bureaucrats have provoked fresh fury by ordering owners of lawnmowers, golf buggies and mobility scooters to get motor insurance, the Daily Express reports. All motor-driven vehicles, including those that never leave private land, will have to be covered. Alan Murad of the Eurosceptic cross-party campaign Get Britain Out, said: “This EU directive must… Read more

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By admin, posted on February 25, 2015

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, and the Left-wing bishops who run the Church of England, have published a 52-page pastoral letter stacked with leftist clichés. It might very well be the straw which breaks the camel’s back. It vilified Thatcherism, the market economy, the Tory welfare reforms, and all the policies which give Britain the highest… Read more