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By Get Britain Out, posted on May 22, 2015

Get Britain Out is constantly flooded with members of the public asserting the EU will “prevent” the In/Out referendum or veto the result, because of changes to EU voting rules which came into force in November last year. This would be concerning — if it was true. Fortunately, it has no basis in fact. This… Read more

By Get Britain Out, posted on May 21, 2015

Now an In/Out referendum on Britain’s membership of the EU is guaranteed by the newly re-elected Prime Minister, David Cameron, it is open season for the Confederation of Business and Industry (CBI) to attempt to scaremonger the public into voting to stay in. CBI President Sir Michael Rake told BBC News we must not opt… Read more

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By Get Britain Out, posted on May 20, 2015

In a recent entry in John Redwood’s Diary, he addresses Eurosceptics about the importance of winning the In/Out referendum. Now the General Election is over, Eurosceptics of all parties need to argue a positive, friendly case to Get Britain Out: In the run up to the General Election Conservatives and UKIP candidates and supporters were fighting each other for the… Read more

By Get Britain Out, posted on May 14, 2015

The latest entry in John Redwood’s Diary is a timely reminder why restoring control on our borders is of high priority: “The government is right to argue that we should not be part of the EU’s new quota system for migrants arriving in Italy. It is right to help with the humanitarian task of rescuing… Read more

Ed Miliband
By Get Britain Out, posted on May 13, 2015

In a shocking twist none of the pollsters predicted, the Labour Party has been decimated in the General Election. Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls and Shadow Foreign Secretary Douglas Alexander have both lost their seats and after getting just 30.4 percent of the vote and 232 seats, Ed Miliband has resigned as Leader.

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By Get Britain Out, posted on May 11, 2015

Whilst the main headline of election night was the unexpected success of the Conservative Party, the utter collapse of the Europhile Liberal Democrats was, of course, a close second. They dropped from 59 seats to 8 seats after securing less than 8 percent of the vote.

By Get Britain Out, posted on May 3, 2015

It goes without saying the Conservatives are deeply split on Europe. Despite Euroscepticism on the backbenches, many in the party are resigned to Britain’s future within the ​EU. The policies they have wheeled out to win over voters considering backing UKIP are a sorry demonstration of the lacklustre state of Conservative policy on Europe. The Prime Minister, David Cameron, has offered us an In/Out referendum;… Read more

By Get Britain Out, posted on May 1, 2015

With 160,000 people dying from cancer every year in Britain, the fight against the disease is a top priority. Unfortunately, thanks to unwarranted EU interference, Britain is fighting with one hand tied behind its back. This is set to worsen next year when a new EU regulation comes into force, limiting the amount of data… Read more