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By Get Britain Out, posted on July 10, 2015

Britain’s contributions to the EU will increase by £3.1 billion, according to figures hidden in tables released by the Office of Budget Responsibility late on Wednesday, following the launch of George Osborne’s Summer Budget. Next year, the OBR estimates our contribution will be £9.5 billion — £1.3 billion higher than forecast following Osborne’s March budget…. Read more

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By Get Britain Out, posted on July 7, 2015

Following the major victory of the No vote in the Greek referendum on Sunday The Independent newspaper asked if the Greek vote was a triumph or disaster? (July 7th) Our Research Executive, Chris Muspratt, responded in a letter: Political idealism added Greece to the EU in the first place. It does not take an economist… Read more

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By Get Britain Out, posted on July 7, 2015

The Greeks stood firm amid the onslaught of threats, lies and bullying from Brussels and Germany, and delivered the NO vote Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras hoped for. There is a proud tradition of rejecting tyranny in Greece — from Leonidas and his 300 Spartans to 1940, when the Greeks stood firm in response to… Read more

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By Get Britain Out, posted on July 6, 2015

The latest entries in John Redwood’s Diary discusses numerous issues currently facing Europe including the need for the ECB to say when and how it will help Greek Banks. It is unacceptable for one of the leading Central banks of the world to fail to tell people on what basis it will support Greek banks… Read more

Sajid Javid, financial secretary to the U.K. treasury, poses for a photograph near the Houses of Parliament following an interview in London, U.K., on Tuesday, Nov. 5, 2013. U.K. industrial production rose more than economists forecast in September, helped by a rebound in manufacturing after a slump the previous month. Photographer: Chris Ratcliffe/Bloomberg via Getty Images
By Get Britain Out, posted on July 3, 2015

Business Secretary Sajid Javid has fired a shot across the bows of the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) regarding its recent claim Britain should remain in the European Union “no matter what”. Yes – this is the same CBI which received £800,000 in grants from the European Commission in the last five five years.

By Get Britain Out, posted on July 3, 2015

The ruthlessness of EU leaders to sacrifice the people of Greece for the Euro is further evidence for why we need to Get Britain Out of the EU. The current responses from EU and German leaders have revealed their willingness to bring Greeks to their knees for the sake of the failed European ideal.  … Read more

Photo belongs to John Redwood MP
By Get Britain Out, posted on July 2, 2015

The latest entry in John Redwood’s Diary discusses the Business Secretary’s warning to the CBI on their stance on the EU. I was delighted to read the Business Secretary’s speech to the CBI this week. In it he told them in no uncertain terms that if they continue to say the UK must stay in… Read more

By admin, posted on July 1, 2015

Steven Woolfe MEP for North West England and Economics Spokesman for the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP), has written this article for Get Britain: Rigging the EU Referendum is an Insult to Democracy It was mooted before the European Union Referendum Bill 2015 entered the House of Commons that it would be favoured towards a YES vote in some way,… Read more