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Photo belongs to John Redwood MP
By Get Britain Out, posted on July 21, 2017

I have been asked to write about the so called cliff edge if we leave the EU without a deal. That is easy to do. There is no cliff edge. It’s another of those silly metaphors that have characterised much EU debate for years, like the instruction that we must get on the train, or… Read more

By Get Britain Out, posted on July 20, 2017

This article was first published on The Commentator. ho would want free trade with Brexit Britain? Plenty of countries, as it turns out. Three important countries – the United States, Australia, and Japan – reiterated their commitment to a post-Brexit deal with Britain in the space of a few days recently. Firstly, at the G20 summit in… Read more

By Get Britain Out, posted on July 18, 2017

Conservative blogger Robert Barnes writes an exclusive article for Get Britain Out: Last year’s EU Referendum result was quite clear: the country voted to Leave the EU. This meant we voted to leave the Single Market, Customs Union and the jurisdiction of the ECJ. We voted to take back control of our borders, trade and… Read more

By Get Britain Out, posted on July 18, 2017

This article was originally posted on CapX The EU likes to present itself as a global force for good, fostering aid and development in the world’s poorest societies. It boasts of its £12 billion aid programme, and calls itself “the most generous donor in the world”. It truly believes itself to be a kindlier world power… Read more

By Get Britain Out, posted on July 14, 2017

This article was first published in The Commentator. he Great Repeal Bill – now renamed the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill for procedural reasons – has finally landed. Even before its publication, Labour had threatened to vote against the Bill unless they received ‘concessions’, and pro-EU MPs and peers have insisted this be their last stand. What, then, does… Read more

By Get Britain Out, posted on July 13, 2017

This article was first published on BrexitCentral. Of all the industries in this country, fishing is among those worst hit by our EU membership. The Common Fisheries Policy, which opens up almost all of our 200-mile Exclusive Economic Zone to EU boats, has sent our fishing towns into a four-decade-long tailspin. It came as no… Read more

By Get Britain Out, posted on July 12, 2017

John Redwood’s latest diary entry discusses prospects for global trade deals after Brexit. On Monday I asked the Prime Minister to update us on the work the UK is now doing to have a better set of trading arrangements after we leave the EU. She confirmed that the UK is working on transferring the current… Read more

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By Get Britain Out, posted on July 12, 2017

This Article was first published on Reaction. Brexit negotiations have finally begun and, contrary to reports in the UK, in some respects the EU has been rather divided. Spanish MEP Antonio López-Istúriz White contradicted European Commission President, Jean-Claude Juncker’s stance recently, on Prime Minister, Theresa May’s EU citizens’ rights offer, saying it was “appreciated”. Juncker… Read more