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By Get Britain Out, posted on July 28, 2017

This article was originally posted on Global Britain The European Union is well known for its willingness to spend billions of pounds on its propaganda. It gives handouts to loyal Non-Governmental Organisations, sets up wasteful promotional projects, and spends huge amounts on propaganda gimmicks. Recent research by Get Britain Out shows it is sticking to… Read more

Aerial view of the City of London
By Get Britain Out, posted on July 28, 2017

John Longworth, co-chairman of Leave Means Leave, has written a compelling report outlining the huge economic benefits to Brexit and how the government can seek to maximize these benefits. Read the report here!

By Get Britain Out, posted on July 28, 2017

This article was originally posted in The Commentator As we have done before, we will push past the bullies in Europe as a truly global trading nation, and we will emerge triumphant from the Brexit negotiations by defying threats, embracing our global connections, and believing in the Great British Public. Britain today finds itself facing… Read more

By Get Britain Out, posted on July 27, 2017

27th July 2017 Today we are publishing How Eurosceptic Is Your MP?, a resource detailing the voting record on key Eurosceptic issues of every MP elected in the 2017 General Election, as well as their stance in the EU Referendum last year. The resource is intended as a simple guide for Eurosceptic voters, and lists… Read more

By Get Britain Out, posted on July 26, 2017

Press Release: GET BRITAIN OUT For Immediate Release 26th July 2017 Clause 8 on the 30.6.2017 report of the EU Budgetary Committee restates the European Parliament’s support for an ‘18th Birthday Interrail Pass For Europe’, to give teenagers a free interrail pass when they hit 18, and is calling on the Commission to assess the… Read more

By Get Britain Out, posted on July 25, 2017

This article was originally published on Reaction Donald Trump has committed to a wide-ranging post-Brexit trade deal with the United Kingdom, apparently already under construction. Japan has joined in the enthusiasm, hinting a trade deal could be done before its own deal with the European Union. Australia too says it wants a deal as fast… Read more

Photo belongs to John Redwood MP
By Get Britain Out, posted on July 24, 2017

The EU wants more of our money. It wants to send us more of its unemployed. It wants to continue its huge trade surplus. All this puts it in a weak position as we leave. So it invents silly ideas. It says the ECJ will continue ruling us after we have gone. This does not… Read more

By Get Britain Out, posted on July 24, 2017

On Monday 24th October 2011, 81 Conservative MPs rebelled against the 3-line whip from the Government to back an EU referendum. Then Prime Minister David Cameron was reportedly shocked at the size of the rebellion. Many say it was a crucial part in ensuring he would eventually agree to hold an EU referendum. The man… Read more