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By admin, posted on October 25, 2012

Andrew Lilico today warns of the ‘tyranny of the status quo’ that would threaten the ‘out’ campaign in an EU referendum. In the traditional sense, he is right. Looking back to the AV referendum, people initially gave AV a look but preferred the first past the post system in the end. But to compare the… Read more

By admin, posted on October 23, 2012

William Hague is due to give a speech today warning the EU about British antipathy towards our EU membership. There is all sorts of analysis this morning that it shows this government is inching us towards an EU exit. We live in hope, but everything points to the contrary. Even yesterday David Cameron said he… Read more

By admin, posted on October 22, 2012

It is becoming increasingly acceptable to contemplate the possibility that Britain may leave the EU. First it was among eurosceptics and undecided voters. Now pro-integration Euro-enthusiasts are realising the concept of full European Union (political, social and economic) can only be achieved without British participation. Mary Dejevsky in the Independent this morning highlights the problems… Read more

By admin, posted on October 21, 2012

A new poll today finds a majority of Britons want to leave the EU. In a couple of days the European Parliament will vote on a massive propaganda campaign to extol the ‘virtues’ of EU membership. These include access to public health, social security and a host of other ‘rights’ that show the EU is… Read more

By admin, posted on October 19, 2012

Our exclusive research in today’s Sun newspaper shows how the EU is setting up a scheme to pay for unemployed workers across the EU and the Eurozone to compete with unemployed Brits for British jobs. Eurocrats will stump up £250 per interview and £830 relocation costs. This is quite staggering as the EU is clearly… Read more

By admin, posted on October 18, 2012

David Cameron’s “sham” referendum gives the British public a chance to stay in the European Union… or stay in the European Union. Frankly, it’s no choice at all. We, and the Prime Minister, surely, know where the EU is headed. Barroso wants a federal union. The supposedly vetoed fiscal union Treaty incorporates fiscal union into… Read more

By admin, posted on October 16, 2012

Yesterday’s announcement that the government is to opt out of 130 areas of EU Justice and Home Affairs policies has been met with some confusion. It is indeed good to finally have a government opt out of an EU policy area. Particularly welcome is the withdrawal from the dreaded European Arrest Warrant. But with the… Read more

By admin, posted on October 15, 2012

The Europhiles are mounting a fight back, it seems. Buoyed by the farcical awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize to the EU, some still believe the UK should join the Euro. Others are arguing that if the Eurozone breaks up there could be war. You couldn’t make it up. The first article on Lib Dem… Read more