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Get Britain Out’s coverage in the national media over the last few months:

  • Brexit means an end to EU boondoggles
    The EU’s regional development programme wasn’t working. So why copy it? The British government can certainly make better use of taxpayers’ money than the EU.
    25 April – CapX
  • Election chance to strengthen Brexit mandate
    The forthcoming general election offers an opportunity for the British pubic to further strengthen the government’s mandate for delivering a hard Brexit 
    21 April – Comment Central
  • Mogherini: UK to lose more than the EU from Brexit
    EU foreign affairs chief Federica Mogherini has said Britain will lose more than the EU from its decision to leave the bloc.
    21 April – Parliament Magazine
  • Former Belgian PM says he is “glad” UK will quit EU
    Former Belgian prime minister Elio Di Rupo has sparked controversy after he said he is “glad” the UK is leaving the EU.
    20 April – EU Today
  • Europe needs our co-operation on defence
    The hypocrisy of denouncing Britain for daring to raise the prospect of no Brexit deal, while taking every ludicrous ultimatum from the EU as entirely natural and justified, needs to be challenged. Defence is an example where we are perfectly ready to play fair, but not at any price
    16 April – The Commentator
  • How EU is facing RUPTURE as Brussels splits into SEPARATE power blocs
    THE countries within the European Union (EU) are seemingly more divided than ever despite the bloc’s top apparatchiks constantly declaring “Europe is our common future”.
    15 April – Daily Express
  • Plaid Cymru is seeking to subvert the wish of the Welsh people for Brexit
    As the Scottish National Party shamelessly exploit the strong Remain vote in Scotland in the EU Referendum for their ideological goal of independence, Plaid Cymru have been trying to follow in their footsteps in Wales. Their problem, however, is that Wales voted for Brexit.
    15 April – Conservative Home
  • Brexit must mean no more benefit tourism
    Isn’t it enough the UK has given the EU over half a trillion pounds since we joined – only now to learn we must give away even more in benefits to migrants and their relatives who don’t even live here? Brexit must mean no more benefit tourism
    12 April – The Commentator
  • REVEALED: How Britain will pay another £26BILLION into EU during Brexit talks
    BRITAIN will contribute at least a further £26billion in membership contributions to the European Union over the two years it negotiates a Brexit deal to leave the bloc.
    1 April – Daily Express
  • The Commission’s contempt for voters
    In delaying controversial proposals until after key elections and referendums, the European Commission barely hides its contempt for European voters and the democratic process
    31 March – Comment Central
  • The EU needs a rethink on its 60th birthday
    This weekend EU leaders will be celebrating the 60th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome – the founding document of European integration. But are they right to do so at a time when Britain is leaving the EU, euroscepticism is on the rise across Europe, the Eurozone and Schengen are failing, and Jean-Claude Juncker is engaged in increasingly desperate attempts to save the bloc?
    25 March – Brexit Central
  • Leave sceptics wrong on tariffs
    It is time for politicians and corporations to be realistic, accept Brexit is happening, and accept the UK is leaving the Single Market and the Customs Union
    24 March – Comment Central
  • Put Brexit first and reject a new general election
    Downing Street has denied it plans to call a fresh general election this spring, and many Conservatives might be kicking themselves. But a fresh general election would be an unnecessary risk, and would divert attention from the main task of delivering the best possible Brexit deal
    22 March – Reaction
  • Sturgeon’s self-defeating referendum opportunism
    The UK single market is far more important to the Scottish economy than the EU single market. Nicola Sturgeon’s (unworkable) plan to leave the former for the latter shows her up as an opportunist who will put personal and ideological ambitions above Scotland’s interests
    20 March – The Commentator
  • There should be no more referendums, the UK must leave
    Members of the European Parliament should beware of those arguing for the final Brexit deal to be put to yet another EU Referendum in Britain. The Great British Public have already spoken. Now is the time for the Government to be allowed to negotiate with confidence and deliver a good deal for Brexit Britain.
    17 March – EU Reporter
  • British farmers don’t need the Common Agricultural Policy which fails to reward efficiency and hard work
    Leaving the EU will allow the UK to have a tailor-made agricultural policy, rather than a one-size-fits-all scheme
    9 March – Brexit Central
  • The Lib Dems should drop their cynical anti-Brexit crusade
    For all the headlines, in reality the Liberal Democrats are irrelevant
    9 March – Reaction
  • Brexit is our future, the Lords is not
    Lord Heseltine is the face of Britain’s past. Brexit is the face of Britain’s future. Has beens in a remote and unelected House of Lords must not be allowed to thwart the will of the British people
    8 March – The Commentator
  • Time for the EU to face up to reality
    The time for excuses is over. The EU must face up to reality: the rising tide of hostility towards a European federalist superstate is nobody’s fault but the EU’s
    6 March – Comment Central
  • The fishing opportunity for Brexit Britain
    Brexit is an exciting opportunity for us to reclaim our sovereignty and restore our fishing industry, taking our place alongside Norway, Iceland, and the Faroes as a regional fishing powerhouse. It’s another great reason to be filled with optimism about our post-EU future
    2 March – The Commentator
  • D-Day for Brexit
    Theresa May to trigger Article 50 on March 15 despite defeat by Lords who demand that she IMMEDIATELY guarantees the rights of EU nationals already in the UK
    2 March – Daily Mail
  • REVEALED: 69 Remain MPs at risk of losing seats in general election
    NEW research today named 69 MPs who could be most at risk of losing their seats at the next general election if local voters rally behind pro-Brexit parties.
    2 March – Daily Express
  • Cost of EU Parliament set to soar as new President to be protected by 12 BODYGUARDS
    THE cost of security for MEPs and staff at the European Union’s Parliament is set to rise again with President Antonio Tajani to be protected with 12 bodyguards.
    23 February – Daily Express
  • Both possible successors to Corbyn have electorally disastrous views on the EU
    A Labour Party which tramples on the concerns of its voters at this crucial time, could be the beginning of the end. However, this would be bad for British democracy, at the very moment it is returned.
    22 February – Conservative Home
  • Food prices could drop by hundreds of pounds a year if tariffs are axed after Brexit, anti-EU campaigners claim
    Lamb chops, fresh prawns, wine, strawberries and honey are just some of the items that could see significant price decreases
    19 February – The Sun
  • No peace inside the Eurozone for Greece
    The unresolved Greek debt crisis has flared up again pitting the IMF against the German-led EU. Greece can never recover until it quits a single curreny that is out of kilter with its fundamentals. But La La Land Eurocrats will destroy Greece altogether before admittimg they are wrong
    18 February – The Commentator
  • Brexit a win-win situation for farmers and consumers
    Our current membership of the EU means more expensive food, as it’s the EU which has established vast tariffs on agricultural produce. After Brexit our food will be better and cheaper. So, let’s get Britain out as soon as we can.
    5 November – The Commentator
  • A Brexit Deal For The Whole UK
    The First Ministers of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland can contribute to the Brexit deal by consulting with the Government, rather than voting on the final package. It will then be up to the Prime Minister to achieve her “bespoke” deal which will work for the whole of the UK, ensuring a successful Brexit when we Get Britain Out of the European Union.
    3 November – Huffington Post
  • Project Fear – Well and truly debunked
    Last week we saw the warnings of Project Fear being well and truly debunked. Companies like Nissan are continuing to invest in the UK, and statistics reveal our economy is still going strong. Brexit is going to be a great success
    2 November – The Commentator
  • Brexit makes airport expansion essential
    Theresa May must be both brave and bold to ensure Brexit is a success. Expanding the UK’s airport capacity is a vital first step for Brexit Britain, and essential for proving why we were right to Get Britain Out of the EU.
    24 October – The Commentator
  • The continued misuse of our money by the EU underlines the case for taking back control
    Is there no end to the wasteful ways in which the European Union will spend our money? Week after week, new details emerge of such waste, which exposes the reality about the EU’s careless attitude when it comes to the money raised in tax by EU member states
    21 October – Brexit Central
  • Hammond accused of undermining Brexit and not seeing opportunities
    Get Britain Out speaks to RTUK
    17 October – RTUK
  • Britain’s bright future after Brexit
    It is becoming clearer and clearer, from multiple sources and multiple countries, that Britain has a bright future after Brexit. Let’s make it happen as soon as possible and prove to future generations that voters made the right decision.
    17 October – The Commentator
  • Prime Minister May Must Not Allow Hammond to Undermine Brexit
    The past fortnight has seen numerous speeches from British politician’s concerning Brexit. The Prime Minister, in her first speech to Conservative Party Conference as leader, responded to the defeatism which consumes much of the political establishment.
    17 October – Breitbart London
  • The CBI’s journey from ‘Project Fear’ to ‘Remoaner’
    The pro-EU CBI has not held its hands up after its Project Fear predictions all collapsed. Instead, it continues to peddle the myth of economic meltdown. The organisation has moved seamlessly from an agent of ‘Project Fear’ to a ‘Remoaner’, crossing its fingers and wishing for the apocalypse
    12th October – The Commentator
  • Across Europe Euroscepticism is on the Rise, and is Here to Stay
    The EU project is failing. Brexit is the symptom rather than the cause, and the UK is the first domino which could topple the entire political project of a United States of Europe
    8th October – Breitbart
  • A Sensible Brexit Policy Is The Only Way To Save The Labour Party
    Electoral oblivion can be avoided, but only if Labour embraces Brexit and stands up for its core voters. These policies will fit with Labour’s ideology and will appeal not only to Labour Party members but to the wider public.
    3 September – Huffington Post
  • Could Deutsche Bank crisis cause the EU to collapse?
    The enormity of the crisis surrounding Deutsche Bank is another illustration that Brexit was the right decision. Indeed, if the crisis spirals any further there may not be much of a European Union left for Britain to leave
    3 October – The Commentator
  • Brexit Has Left Sturgeon and Scottish Nationalism Floundering
    On Tuesday Nicola Sturgeon blamed Brexit on the UK Government’s austerity policies. Speaking at the annual conference of the Institute of Directors (IoD) in London, the Scottish First Minister warned listeners she was “profoundly concerned” about the implications of the UK leaving the EU, with the early signs “not encouraging”.
    1 October – Breitbart London
  • Leave Lies? Remainers Need To Look In The Mirror
    It is about time us Brexiteers challenged this ridiculous narrative of leave lies and remain truths. We voted ‘Leave’ for control over the laws of this country, and the patronising suggestion we are gullible idiots is quite frankly ridiculous.
    26 September – Huffington Post
  • Brexit is an Opportunity For Britain To Take a Leading Role in Reinventing NATO
    Last Wednesday, in his ‘State of the Union’ address, the President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker attempted to put forward an upbeat vision of the EU. Largely ignoring the Brexit-sized elephant, Juncker instead chose to stick to his tried and tested approach: “The European project continues. Let’s choose to look forward. Be positive.” Get Britain Out questions whether simply ignoring such a major setback is a wise move, but it seems Juncker is determined to continue to try and put a positive spin on things. No matter what the question is, the answer for Juncker is always the same – more Europe.
    22 September – Breitbart London
  • Our Universities And Schools Will Thrive After Brexit
    The Brexit vote was about control; it was not about turning the clock back. There are some areas where international co-operation is beneficial, some areas where it is not. Brexit means we will be able to have total control over our education policy.
    20 September – Huffington Post
  • Control over our borders after Brexit
    The governments is to be applauded for looking seriously at tough but fair variants for a post-Brexit immigration system. But ruling out a points based system may not be the best idea. That said, we will get back control of our borders after Brexit, and the sooner that happens the better.
    13 September – The Commentator
  • Time For A Brexit Law To Guarantee The Referendum Result
    Over two months has passed since the people of the United Kingdom voted to leave the EU. It was billed as the most momentous decision the electorate would take for a generation. But what has happened to date? Absolutely nothing.
    31 August – Huffington Post
  • Pro-Remain billionaire Sir Martin Sorrell changes his tune on Brexit and calls on Theresa May to get us out of the EU as soon as possible
    Advertising chief adds weight to growing pressure on the PM to trigger Article 50 as soon as possible
    25 August – The Sun
  • Sir Martin Sorrell a top remain boss, joins call to get out of EU as soon as possible
    GLOBAL businessman Sir Martin Sorrell yesterday added his weight to calls on Theresa May to get a move on with Brexit.
    25 August – Daily Express
  • Through greater trade we can have a greater Britain
    Brexit will enable the UK to throw off the EU shackles. The increasing demand for British goods and services from Commonwealth nations has the potential to boost the UK economy for years to come. As the EU continues to decline, British exporters should be licking their lips at the prospect of a Brexit bonanza.
    20 August – The Commentator
  • A new UK immigration policy to work for all
    There are some terrific new ideas coming out of the Brexit camp on immigration. The vast majority of people support immigration, but not uncontrolled immigration. We should be filled with enthusiasm about a new, fair, and sane immigration agenda for Britain.
    18 August – The Commentator
  • Agents of ‘Project Fear’ Finally Come to Their Senses
    As we can see the initial fear of Brexit has now turned to optimism since the referendum result was announced. It is clear big business feared Brexit because the future was unknown, but Brexit has become a reality, and the business opportunities are clearly endless.
    17 August – Huffington Post
  • British Farmers Can Have a Bright Future
    Brexit will undoubtedly have a profound effect on UK farmers. Currently the UK is a member of the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), which dominates British agriculture.
    15 August – Huffington Post
  • How the City of London can thrive after Brexit
    Whilst key players in the City supported Remain for the sake of stability, many are now positive about the opportunities Brexit will bring. And with good reason. Once we get Britain out of the EU, expect to see the UK financial sector go from strength to strength
    12 August – The Commentator
  • As Long As We Pay The EU, We Must Have Our Say!
    The announcement of Sir Julian King’s new role as Europe’s new “Commissioner for the Security Union” has been celebrated by some as a sign of the European Commission getting serious about Brexit. They point out how King could have been given a derisory role which some Brussels insiders had previously joked about. This however ignores the reality of King’s new role.
    6 August – Breitbart London
  • Brexit can end managed decline, forge new global Britain
    The British establishment adopted “managed decline” after Suez, viewing the EU as a crutch to sustain us.
    6 August – The Commentator
  • Wake-Up Call: The EU Must Change or Collapse
    The United Kingdom’s decision to Vote Leave in the referendum on June 23rd should have been a wake-up call for EU leaders.
    29 July – Breitbart London
  • Britain’s future is with the Commonwealth
    With Brexit we have a chance to right the historic wrong of joining the EU and betraying our natural allies. Now, once again, we can fully re-engage with the Commonwealth
    28 July – The Commentator
  • An EU Trade War Would Destroy the European Project
    An EU which fails to create trade deals of mutual benefit to all parties involved, will not strengthen the EU, but weaken it
    27 July – Huffington Post
  • Brussels deal keeping Britain from being fully independent of EU sparked fury
    A DEAL that could stop Britain from fully leaving the EU sparked anger last night
    25 July – Daily Express
  • How Brexit can mean Brexit
    In order to regain control of our borders we must reject the single market and go for free trade with the EU instead. Johnson, Davis and Fox are the right people to get us where we need to be. It’s happening. Britain is indeed leaving the EU.
    22 July – The Commentator
  • Article 50 and the Brexit process explained
    Article 50 and the European Communities Act 1972 need some explaining. What does not need explanation is, “Brexit means Brexit”. We must hold Theresa May to her word
    July 15 – The Commentator
  • Grassroots fury at being denied vote in Tory leadership contest
    A BACKLASH was growing last night among grassroots Tory members angry at being denied a vote in their party’s leadership contest.
    12 July – Daily Express
  • EU Citizens Need Not Worry Over the Impact of Brexit
    We at Get Britain Out would like to reassure all readers your right of residency will not be removed, as to do so would not only be immoral, but also illegal.
    11 July – Huffington Post
  • Brexit: Who will lead the UK out of Europe?
    One of our team live on Al Jazeera with UKIP’s Suzanne Evans
    7 July – Al Jazeera
  • Prime Minister Theresa May — An Insult To Democracy
    The Home Secretary Theresa May has put herself forward as the candidate with experience. She points to her record time in the Home Office as evidence of her competence.
    5 July – Breitbart London
  • Tory fury over legal bid to prevent Brexit without vote in Parliament
    One of our team live on Russia Today
    4 July – Russia Today
  • Get Britain Out talks to Kaye Adams
    One of our team live on the Kaye Adams Programme (9.20 – 9.45)
    4 July – BBC Radio Scotland.
  • A brief Brexit blueprint
    It is doubtful Remainers would have shown any decency to Brexiteers if they had won. But we must not stoop to their level. A solid plan for Brexit must be inclusive of all Britons’ views. Here’s how, says Matthew Ellery from Get Britain Out
    2 July – The Commentator
  • Brexit referendum Special Issue
    Our Campaign Director describes her feelings at the referendum result on page 19 of the EU’s Parliament magazine
    29 June – Parliament Magazine
  • Get Britain Out talks to RT International
    One of our team live on Russia Today
    24 June – Russia Today
  • Undecided Voters at the Eastbourne Tennis
    A member of our team appeared on BBC South East Today, to speak to undecided voters.
    22 June – BBC South East
  • Ignore ‘Little Europeans’ and vote for a Global Britain
    Go for Project Hope, not Project Fear. Britain can regain its independence on Thursday. These opportunities do not come around very often. Let’s get Britain out of the European Union, and make a fresh start
    22 June – The Commentator
  • Higher Phone Bills Inside the EU
    It’s true the EU will – by June 2017 – have abolished the difference in cost between using your phone in this country and in another EU country, with the process of harmonising the prices having already begun. On the face of it this sounds like a rare EU success story, but rather than looking at the headline of this policy, it is important to understand who pays for this reduction in fees. You!
    21 June – Huffington Post
  • Remain Means an End to An Independent Britain
    On June 23, there’s no status quo option for EU membership. If we vote to stay in, we lose even more independence as we progress towards a unified superstate. Just look at the plans for an EU army. The only option is to leave before it’s too late
    21 June – The Commentator
  • Dodgy Dave’s Turkish Dishonesty
    “Misleading” and “absolutely wrong” is how the Prime Minister describes ‘Leave’ campaigners who suggest Turkey could join the European Union. Unfortunately for him, it’s Mr Cameron who has in fact been “misleading” and “absolutely wrong” – and we have the evidence to prove it.
    16 June – Huffington Post
  • 57 pro-leave Tory MPs promise to vote down Osborne’s ‘Brexit budget’
    One of our team live on Russia Today
    15 June – Russia Today
  • EU Strangles Small Business, In Favour of Top 1 Percent
    Cameron and remain constantly stress the interests of the very biggest firms, which may benefit from EU membership. But the vast majority of companies are small, and they are being strangled by corrupt EU regulation. For the benefit of the 99 percent, we need to get Britain out of the EU now
    15 June – The Commentator